How to create killer customer experiences through technology

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  1. 1. Master Content Marketing:How GoPro and BMW CreateKiller Customer Brand1ExperiencesJill TalvensaariVP Marketing, IO Integration @ioi_inc
  2. 2. Content Marketing Master Class:How GoPro and BMW create killer customer brand experiences 2014 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 3Presenter: Jill TalvensaariBio: VP Marketing and Customer Engagement, IOIntegrationPrevious: Product Marketing executive at technology start-upsand enterprises alike including: Akeena Solar, Adobe,Microsoft, Equifax, Paralon, Verisign, Digital River, MoxieEducation: MBA International Marketing, Seattle University;BA in Quantitative Economics and Decision Systems, BS inCognitive Science, UC San Diego(Secret Sauce: marketing ninja whose superpower isconnecting ideas, people, and technology to achieveawesome)Contact: @ioi_inc
  4. 4. Everyone wants customers thatYOURBRAND!4
  5. 5. Content marketing is changing rapidly. . . throughtechnology5WHAT USED TO BE THISHAS NO BECOME THISMass publication of contentpushed to the consumer withoutknowing the consumer or thecontextHAS NOW BECOME THIS
  6. 6. Technology is driving new conversations . . .6with consumersacross everymedia platform
  7. 7. Marketing is transforming from unknown to known7MissionCustomerIntelligenceTacticsMeasurementTHEN: BRAND DRIVEN NOW: CONSUMER DRIVEN Represent the brand Finding customer Push Mass Advertising Demographic Generalized content Point in time blasts Few isolated channels Waterfall method Advertising 3rd party table Intuitive decision making Excitement, buzz Represent the consumer Find the consumer Pull 1:1 targeting Behavioral Personalized content Continuous relationship Exploding integration channels Agile method Storybuilding, content re-use Owned big data Fact based decision making Engagement, revenue
  8. 8. You know you live in the Information Age when8Consuming Contentis like a losing a Tetris battle.
  9. 9. Marketing content and data will continue to grow9TB/yr2013 2014 2018
  10. 10. And more marketing technology means2011 2012 2014~100 ~350 ~95010Info source: Scott Brinker JANUARY 7,2014
  11. 11. More divergence and rapidly growing markets11
  12. 12. And with more channels to manage and influence . . .12RetailE-commerceSocialDistributionCommercial Partnerships
  13. 13. 13Content is KingDid you know60% of all goods are bought on thestrength of the brand communications.Source: Millard Brown
  14. 14. And content isnt a fad, its the ERP for brandsCustomer14ERP / BusinessSoftwareCRMSoftwareCommunicationsSoftware
  15. 15. And it is being consumed constantly across many channels70 minutes | web browsing127 minutes | mobile applications168 minutes | television15
  16. 16. Enter omni-channel customer experience management(CXM)OMNICHANNELEXPERIENCETRADITIONAL DIGITAL16
  17. 17. Customer Experience Management (CXM) by thenumbers17Marketers believe CXM ismost exciting opportunityBut that the focus on omni-channelcampaign management andpersonalization will supersede CXMin the next 5 years..76%66%Marketing has changedmore in the last 2 yearsthan previous five decadesTechnology drives marketing.Customer focused experientialmarketing requires an obsessionwith data, deep understanding of thebrand and storylines20% Believe that their c-suitehas stomach for adaptive,experiential marketingAgile marketing requires a businessculture that embracesexperimentation and allows failure.80% Of marketers agree that therole of content will growwhile push mediaeffectiveness diesRight moment, right channel,location-based 1:1 marketing is hereto stay* Adobe Quarterly Digital IntelligenceBriefing
  18. 18. Content = Information + Experience18
  19. 19. How do you get customer experiences that increasesales?CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY BUILDS ON THESE 4Revenue19CustomerTakes ActionExperienceThe know brand wowAmplifyAcross media channelsInfluenceOthers behavior, opinionsExtendReach and marketshareRelevanceAwareness EngagementCUSTOMERTIMEPILLARSCXM STRATEGY = $$$
  20. 20. Think about all the channels you facilitate and leverageYourBrand20
  21. 21. So content strategy and technology needs to beintegrated21
  22. 22. Content Marketing Technology Success22Starts with greatstorytelling to the rightperson, the right way.Technology delivers themessage in the moment.Message received.
  23. 23. But its even more important that your content resonates23WebPrintMobileSocial NetworksPIM/ERPCRMAnalyticsGeospatiale-commerceCustomer engagementCustomer experienceContent
  24. 24. Experiment to maximize value of Content CommunicationsData & Information Branded content24AppsCRMsMarketingMedia ChannelsEvents & PromotionsSocial MediaMagazinesWeb2PrintIntranetsWebsitesBlogsconsumer brand value
  25. 25. And you are able to optimize performance across channels25Agile/AdaptiveMarketingStrategiesWebsiteWebshopSocial MediaPublic RelationsAdvertisingPromotionsPoint of SaleMediaDealers
  26. 26. The Best Content Strategy: Building 1:1 ConsumerRelationships26
  27. 27. These companies have amazing customerexperiences, so customers...27THEBRAND!
  28. 28. GoPro Camera Manufacturer or Media Powerhouse?Personalized relevant content based on theconsumers interaction with the brand SELLS and createsFANS28
  29. 29. Gained media is highly effective: some brands already know it!29
  30. 30. What is Redbull: drinks manufacturer or an adventurebrand?30
  31. 31. Nike: Running shoes or dreams of the healthy lifestyle?31
  32. 32. Visa builds inbound consumer apps for compelling experiences32
  33. 33. Under Armour buys worlds largest fitness tracking platform33
  34. 34. NFL Looks for new digital outlets for NFL related programing34 14
  35. 35. BMW, Germany35Brand Promotion International Sales Literature Modules Digital Asset Management Translation Management Localization Management Workflow and Process Management Content Management Users > 600
  36. 36. Dyson, UK36Brand CommunicationsWorldwide Marketing CommunicationsModules Digital Asset Management Translation Management Localization Management Workflow and Process Management Content ManagementUsers > 300
  37. 37. Consumer Packaged,USA37Brand ExperienceContent Acquisition and WebExperienceVideo and Photo of the DayModules Digital Asset Management Translation Management Workflow and Process Management Content ManagementUsers > 100CPG
  38. 38. 38Brand PersonalizationLocalized Marketing, Tabs in 14 RegionsPersonalized 1:1 Offers (150% inc.conversion)Brand Ecosystem for Partners, DistributorsCentralized Marketing Technology StackModules Digital Asset and Localization Management Workflow and Process Management Content ManagementUsers > 1000RetailTop Retailer, USA
  39. 39. Connecting the Content Strategy to the Consumer StoryMEASUREMENT39Content Strategy Media Analytics Research CRM Ingestion ProfilesWhat works and whyTactics, timing, positioningContent Technology Creation Production Delivery Platforms Meta-data IntegrationHow it gets executedScalability, relevance, speedConstomer Experience Engagement Relevance Purchasing Interaction Influence AmplificationBrand storytelling, personalizationMessage, interact, share
  40. 40. Content Marketing Technology Vision40
  41. 41. Enabled by using smart people and smarter technologyBEST PRACTICES Centralize all media content for single point of truth for multi-channelpublishing online, offline, social, mobile, video Integrate mktg ops/ERP/CRM/ecommerce Focus on usability and seamless web and mobileexperience Listen and analyze content interactions, optimize Deliver relevant, engaging and interactive content41Media AssetManagementPublishing /CreativeAll ChannelsOnline OfflineConsumer Experience
  42. 42. CXM Strategy: Keys to success42IDKnow what success looks likebefore you startKISSKeep it simple and stupidRINSE, REPEATMeasure performance,recalibrate, try new things
  43. 43. And your customers will really . . .YOURBRAND!43
  44. 44. 44Thank you!Contextual Content buildsA more powerful experiencebuilt on knowledge and insightsContact: