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How to create interactive eBooks? Whether it is for recreational reading purposes or for education, eBooks are now an expanding trend. When elements of interactivity are added, electronic books become more attractive and effective. If you are wondering how to create interactive eBooks, the process is simple. Let us have a concise view on the steps involved. Setting the target It is vital to set a target before you start. Most of the authors or publishers usually have a proper plan in regard of the eBook. Also, in most of the cases, content would be ready. Knowing in advance, the devices to target is crucial. As your eBooks are supposed to target a particular audience, you should be aware of the ways to reach them. You can publish as a mobile app, web app, desktop app or an ePub format file. Also, if your purpose is to publish the book on a LMS, create the eBook as a component. Always think of the effects updates are going to make; i.e. the way in which they are going to get reflected on the concerned platform of your choice. To say, you can easily update an eBook published on your own website but this is not the case with LMS or mobile. Decide whether you are planning to offer your eBook absolutely free or by charging the prospects before you hire any company offering interactive eBook conversion services. This will furnish you with clearer ideas for promotion purposes. You should also be aware of the resources and marketing budgets. Reader interface you offer is also important. Either you can rely on a third-party reader bearing the pitfall of not being able to edit or change anything related to readers interface or else publish your work as an exclusive app that will offer you complete flexibility to decide the reader interface and experience. Content preparation A king part of eBook users access the book through mobile devices and hence optimizing content for it is sensible. You can simply convert the PDF into an electronic book. However, it is not the best thing to do. There are two eBook layouts- fixed and layout. Deciding the ideal one for you is one of the basic but most important decisions to make. An eBook conversion company can guide you properly in this regard. Having enough experience dealing with different clients and industries, they really know what would serve your purpose in the best manner. Fixed layout as the name itself indicates keeps the entire aspect of layout constant, regardless of the device used for viewing purpose. It is suitable for desktop usage as well as for certain LMS denying access from mobile. It also serves better for comics, storybooks and magazines etc. In case of reflowable layout, content is optimized as to suit the dimension of reading devices. This is most popular and recommended, except when the layout has to be preserved. Hiring service provider Now when it comes to interactive eBook publishing, a lot of options are there in the web that helps you to get the job of EPUB eBooks creation and publication done free of cost or at minimal rates. You can simply send a hard copy of the book, and services like 1dollarscan gives you back a PDF at dirt cheap rates. For adding interactive 3D elements, Sketchfab is great. Likewise, there are many that can help. you are in need for professional EBook creators, there are several service providers upon whom you can rely but before signing a deal, ensure that you do proper research. Ask them for their portfolio and get from them a free sample work for you. Also, see to it that the rates charged are reasonable. Doing a comparison of different services providers would help. However, for the sake of saving few dollars, never compromise on the quality aspects. WinBiz is the most reputed and trusted service provider for interactive eBook creation. The company has worked for diversified niches and different genres. If you have a project to discuss or doubts of any type in this regard to rectify, contact the company today itself.