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How do you get people to do what you want them to do? How do you get them to take action? Subscribe to your email list, visit your blog or buy your product. It really all comes down to your call to action as to whether or not your visitor/reader/buyer will take action. Get the complete report:


  • 1. How to Create Effective Calls to Action Denise Wakeman & Dr. Rachna Jain

2. How to Create Effective Calls to Action About Your PresentersDenise Wakeman Marketing on the Web since 1996 Blogging since 2004 Built 3 successful 6-figure businesses Author of blogging & online marketing programs Co-author Success Secrets of Social MediaSuperstars Mentor/Speaker/Trainer Rachna JainPsychologist-Coach, Author, SpeakerContributing Editor, Hearst PublicationsBlogging since 2003Marketing online since 1998Really Good at Making Complex Ideas Easy to Understand 2 Copyright Denise Wakeman and Dr. Rachna Jain. All Rights Reserved. 3. How to Create Effective Calls to Action How to Create Effective Calls From Platform to ProfitWith Denise Wakeman and Dr. Rachna JainAction is the foundational key to all success. ~Pablo Picasso.Denise Wakeman: How do you get people to do what you want themto do? How do you get them to take action? Like subscribe to youremail list, visit your blog or buy your product. It really all comes downto your call to action as to whether or not your visitor/reader/buyerwill take action.Today, Rachna and I are going to talk to you about how to createeffective calls to action on your content so you can get more of whatyou want, which may be traffic, leads, and clients. The bottom line isthat when you have effective calls to action, youll make more money.Just a quick note, we will also be telling you about how you cancontinue your mastery of content repurposing and syndication near theend of the call if youd like to take your learning further.Lets get going. Todays program is How to Create Effective Calls toAction for your content platform. Rachna?Rachna Jain: Lets talk first about what youre going to learn. Weregoing to start by talking about what is a call to action. Were going totalk about why to use calls to action. Were going to talk about whatare some effective calls to action, what makes them effective. Weregoing to talk about testing. Were going to talk about metrics. Then,were going to wrap up with Q&A.Before we do that, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Denise,did you want me to introduce myself first?Denise: Yes, go ahead.Rachna: Okay. I wanted to say hello. Im Dr. Rachna Jain. Im apsychologist, Im a coach, Im an author and Im a speaker. Imcontributing editor to Hearst Publishing which publishes magazines likeSeventeen, Redbook, and some of the other big magazines you see onthe shelf.I am really good at making complex ideas easy to understand. Ivebeen working online since 1998 and blogging since 2003. We definitely3 Copyright Denise Wakeman and Dr. Rachna Jain. All Rights Reserved. 4. How to Create Effective Calls to Actionhave a lot of good experience here between Denise and me to helpyou gain visibility and credibility on the web.Denise: For those of you we havent had a chance to connect with yet,some people are alumni who are participating and some are newstudents.Im Denise Wakeman. You probably know me as the founder of TheBlog Squad. Im also an online visibility expert. Ive been marketing onthe web since 1996-the early days. Ive been blogging since 2004. Inthat time I have built three successful 6 figure businesses. I know alittle bit about using the web to build a business.I am also the author of quite a few blogging programs and also onlinemarketing programs. Im a co-author of Success Secrets of SocialMedia Superstars and the recent book that was just published TrustYour Heart: How to Transform Your Ideas into Income. That was abestseller within 5 hours of its launch on Amazon. That was veryexciting.Im also a mentor, a speaker and a trainer. We could both talk on andon about our accomplishments because weve both been working for along time on the web. That would get pretty boring.I do want to really be clear that we started at zero. We started notknowing anything. If youre feeling a little bit like, Oh, theres somuch information. I dont know what to do. I dont know where tostart. Trust the fact that you just take it one step at a time. Thatswhat we did. Thats how we built our businesses. Were here to helpyou take those steps so that you can be as efficient and as successfulas possible.We realized that you can repurpose and syndicate as much as youwant and get your stuff all over the place, but if nothing is happeningin your business then theres a big disconnect. That disconnect oftencomes down to the call to action that you are calling out to people totake some action. We realized that most people are not using calls toaction or if they are, theyre not very good. People are complaining alot about social media and how theyre not seeing any results, theyrenot making money.Theres a link between these two experiences, as Ive alluded to. Youcan be all over Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but if nobody is hiringyou or buying your products and services, there is a gap. Thats what4 Copyright Denise Wakeman and Dr. Rachna Jain. All Rights Reserved. 5. How to Create Effective Calls to Actionwe wanted to address. Really take a look at that and see how we canhelp you be more effective in that way.Rachna: Im a psychologist by training-heres what I know: if youwant people to act, you need to tell them what to do. Id like you tojust take a moment and Id like you to consider how many times youmight have fallen into the trap of saying, I dont want to be pushy. Idont want to tell them what they need to do. If people really like mystuff or like my content, theyll know automatically how to find me.Ive put my url on everything. Ive put my blog link everywhere.Theyll know automatically what I want them to do- its self evident. IfIve given them good content, theyll click back and find me or followme on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.The reality is if you want people to act, you need to tell them what todo. So one of the things that Denise and I have seen is that peopleleave a lot to chance when they are marketing online. They put outexcellent content. They learn all of our strategies. They repurpose it.They syndicate it. But, they never tell the reader, the listener or theviewer what they want them to do next.There are a couple problems with that. Were going to talk about someof those at length. The first problem with that is people will then readyour content or listen to your content and then theyll click away. Theymight come back or they might not. You totally left it up to them.The second problem with that is you have no way of knowing if yourmessage is being heard because youre not getting any response. Thething about working in social media is that you put a lot of stuff outthere and you dont know-I could put something out (this hashappened to me) I can put an article out 5 years ago and I dont getany response from it but then people all of a sudden email me and say,I read your article on this one site. I completely forget Ive got that5 Copyright Denise Wakeman and Dr. Rachna Jain. All Rights Reserved. 6. How to Create Effective Calls to Actionarticle out there. Then they get in touch with me. Thats because I hada call to action. I said, If you have a question, contact me. If youwant my newsletter, join here.The reality is, is that the only way you can test your conversions (toknow if people are responding to your message) is if you have calls toaction and if you monitor and measure what people are doing withyour calls to action. Were going to talk more about that as we go on.The thing that you must realize is that until you tell people what youwant them to do next, you dont have any kind of metrics ormeasurement that you need to run your business more successfully.Denise, did you want to add anything to that?Denise: No. I think that is it-you covered that one.Rachna: Okay. So then do you want to talk on what is a call to action?Denise: Yes. Absolutely. What is the call to action? Commonly, werefer to them as a CTA. A call to action is a specific instruction. Its likea sign that says, Stop! Stop what youre doing right now and do this.Its a suggested activity that guides people towards your desiredoutcome.Essentially, a call to action, a CTA, needs to be simple. It needs to beeasy. It needs to be clear. Often I see people making the mistake oftrying to include too many calls to action in their content. Ideally,there needs to be just one action per content item.Youll see me sometimes not following this either, but when possiblejust one call to action per content item.6 Copyright Denise Wakeman and Dr. Rachna Jain. All Rights Reserved. 7. How to Create Effective Calls to ActionRachna: Were going to talk about why dowe need them. So I alludedto this a little bit already but most people never bother to take actionon something that they want or like, especially if they have to do thework to figure out the next step. Lets just have you think about this inyour own business for a minute.How many times have you wanted to accomplish something but youdidnt exactly know how. Maybe you did a little bit of effort to make ithappen, to try to figure it out. Then, when you couldnt do that easilyyou just stopped doing anything. Procrastination is a huge problemthat many people suffer from. It comes directly from that.It comes from this idea that they dont know how to do the next stepso they dont do anything. You, as a marketer, as a business owner,you need to make it effortless. You need to make it so easy, so deadsimple to get your visitors, readers, audience to take action.You need to make sure that every piece of content you have has a callto action embedded in it. That can be in the middle, it can be at thebeginning, it can be at the end. You have to tell them what theyshould do next.Think about this: you can have 500 amazing articles all over theinternet. If you only have your name on it and you forget to put yourblog url or you dont actually sp