How to create an online store?

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>How to create an Online StoreJust enter your online store name, contact email id, account password and click Create Now Button. </p> <p>Now you will get Email activation link for your email verification. </p> <p>After successful verification by you the amazing store control dashboard will be ready to launch your online store.</p> <p>Create your online storeSetup your store with basic settingsIn basic settings form, you have to enter your business, country, currency, store category and time stamp. </p> <p>It will initiate and prepare your store ready to launch.</p> <p>Add productsThis is a very user friendly form having numerous customization options.</p> <p> It will exhibit your product the way you wish and offer to your customer. </p> <p>You can add four images, one YouTube video and all specifications of the products.</p> <p>Choose your business areaLimited or Unlimited you can decide and define your business supply area by yourself.</p> <p> It may be International, Domestic or local depending on your choice.</p> <p>Select your store websites stunning designCustomize your store design with an overflowing choice of cool responsive templates organized store-category wise.</p> <p> You can wonderfully customize your selected store without any designing or software skills.</p> <p>Preview your storeBy clicking Preview button on your dashboard you can view preview of your store with complete functionalities. </p> <p>It will gift you an entire idea about your online store business.Wishing you all success along with a fabulous experience in</p> <p> your online e-store business!Create your Store Now</p>