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Online shopping is very common. People's shopping dreams changed to online shopping . Online shopping have more advantages like save our time and energy. Creating a online shopping site is similar to a common site. The first step is choosing a domain name. The domain name should be small and easy to remember. Second is choosing your platform, select a platform that is provide all your needs. The most important step is create a logo for your business. The logo's help to reach more people. The next step is design your store front. The storefront should be attractive. Add the products that you are going to sell with affordable offers. the last step post your blog.


<ul><li>1.How to create an online shopping website </li></ul> <p>2. 1.Get a Domain name The domain names are: To short Easy to remember T o be Brandable Do not have hyphens or numbers Easy to spell Descriptive They have a .com extension 3. 2.Select your Platform Shopify Bigcommerce Squarespace Commerce Weebly eCommerce OpenCart Zen Cart WordPress Magento 4. 3.Choose the best features of Your shopping cart service provider 5. 4.Create a Unique Logo For Your Business A strong logo design creates an identity for your organization, even a personality. This increases the reputation of business in the market and helps in attracting more customers. 6. 5.Design Your Store Front Do not use or create the complicated design for your website. The design should have: Simplicity Clarity Logic 7. 6.Add products and promote your website To add most of your products in your website and promote your page. Then the people visits your website will become more marketing your products. 8. 7.Get hosting for your blog Hosting of blog are generally user-friendly and the platform is the free factor. The advantages of blog on your own domain is seamless correlation between blog and brand. 9. </p>