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Step by step guide to help you to create your own favorite online flash magazine easily with xFlip Prefessional to get the best effect.


<ul><li> 1. How to Create an Online MagazineIn recent times, there have been more and more online magazines that seem to be quite the rage,while still new paper magazines continue to pop up. Despite the fact that paper magazinesremained it was an online magazine who stole the show. Some companies even provide lotsresources of learning, provides access to a big amount of books and magazines online which canbe as a fringe benefit. Surely, an online magazine would be a great business by itself if you coulddo that. Alternatively, investors can consider investing in creating online magazine to promoteyour related business ideas, services and products, and facts proved that it would be an excellentidea.Actually some very top companies even smaller corporations have already started to offer theirsubscribers their magazines in electronic format. Especially those are usually tech savvy anddemanding of information. By doing this, it can also cut down on shipment times and delays invaluable information to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. However, online magazinesare not just limited to the big guys. With a little exercise of the imagination and practical tool likePage Flip Software, you can create an online magazine of your own.1. Determine the basics of the magazine: title, topics and approximate length. Then you mayneed to choose the type of online presentation you want to have. The new "flip technology" isenjoying high favor among the companies now. Online readers can have access to get more ofthe magazine-feel when reading your publication.2. Simply set up your website to fit your desired presentation choice. Generally, if you want to getthe simple and easy format, go for a free blog site such as while youre gettingstarted and avoid any cost. Although this is a good method for some beginners, the application isclearly limited. Or if you want something more complex, youll need to have your own website</li></ul> <p> 2. server space, and youll need to purchase the software to create the magazine layout withflipping effect.3. It would be simpler if you just have some PDF files, SWF files or image. Then simple yetpractical digital magazine software would be your good helper. Simply install and run thesoftware, then follow its demo that has described the steps in details.4. Most importantly, the software allows you to select your desired output template which thesoftware has provided the options for you. You can publish the output files as HTML. XML, andSWF files for various purpose.</p>