How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy in 2014

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Learn How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy. The current deck includes tools to help expedite the content marketing process and a step-by-step plan for creating, curating and monitoring content marketing practices in an emergent market. Content marketing will be the crux of many plans for success in the future of small businesses


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2. Well, what is Content Marketing? @JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 3. Content Marketing is... Providing valuable information to potential and current customers.Why do I need it? The idea is to inspire business and loyalty by creating and sharing consistent, high-quality information on a regular basis.@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 4. Focus on building the relationship, not the hard sell. @JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 5. Become a Content Marketing Jedi...Start by asking yourself: WHAT compels my customers to ACT? @JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 6. Do Your Research Delve into your metrics Find out WHO your customers are by looking at your website analytics and Facebook Insights How many visits have you had? Where are the visits from? How many visits were new? Which pages are the most popular? How much time is spent on your site? Based on the information, you can make informed decisions about what content works and capitalize on the content that drives your trafc.@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 7. Do Your Research Speak candidly to your customers Talk to your existing customers. Ask them what they LIKE about your product. Start with a general questionnaire, then delve deeper by targeting specic products, alternate services and more. Incentivize the experience Offer a special or a rebate to entice customers@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 8. Do Your Research Market Research Template your own questionnaire for FREE using Google Drive Monday, February 24, 14 9. Do Your Research Talk to your sales team If you have a sales team at your business, utilize them! Ask them about popular non-product questions theyre getting When you know what your audience cares about, creating stories and content that resonates with them will be much easier.@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 10. Do Your Research Identify Brand Identity Brand Identity is a set of human characteristics associated with the name of a product, service or companyDecide who you want to be. Use the car analogy to help uncover your identity. If your company was a car, which one would it be? Dene the year, make, model and color. Is it domestic or an import? Is it safe, cutting-edge, young or conservative? Brand Identity helps PERSONIFY your company by giving it a distinguishable voice consumers can identify@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 11. Do Your Research Brand Identity Examples:Cutting-edge, clean, friendly, elegant, high-quality, positive daily experiencesCrisp, clean and sharp. Fun, emphasis on passion, RED, simplest form of brand associationMonday, February 24, 14 12. Image Courtesy of http://www.blurbpoint.comCreate Your Content Marketing Strategy @JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 13. Content Marketing Strategy Create a Director of Content Delegate one individual to help shape and define your content marketing strategy. If your company is not large enough to warrant it, guess what? YOU ARE the Director of ContentMonday, February 24, 14 14. Content Marketing Strategy Director of Content It is crucial this individual possess: Strong writing and communication skills Great marketing eye for visual content Analytical mind (for making use of data) Understanding of conversions Ability to curate the best content from multiple sources@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 15. Content Marketing Strategy You have the data. You know who to target, what your consumer wants and the means to create it.Now what? Map out the types of content that will best reach each customer audience you have identified in your research. Understand what they want and provide it. Then...Create a STYLE GUIDE Monday, February 24, 14 16. Content Marketing Strategy The Style Guide Create a ONE PAGE document that includes:Brand message Strategy Promise Voice Tone Audience Layout + Format of Content Make sure this is positioned in front of the entire marketing team so that ALL of your content is consistent with the primary brand identity.Monday, February 24, 14 17. Content Marketing StrategyThe Style Guide The Style Guide will help your marketing team, or marketing individual, plan the right writing persona, with the same voice and tone across all platforms.Monday, February 24, 14 18. Content Marketing Strategy Now, create an Editorial Calendar This calendar can include internal and external promotional platforms and items. Build the calendar out in quarterly increments to help expedite the planning process. DOCUMENT your content marketing strategy. Use spreadsheets to record your posts and content. @JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 19. Content Marketing Strategy Market Research. Check Style Guide. Check Calendar. Check Now, it is time to create ENGAGING content for current customers and potential consumers@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 20. Content Marketing Strategy Types of Content to Promote: Blog Posts Micro-Vids Guest Blog Posts Social Media Posts E-book Webinars Email Newsletters/Signup White Papers Powerpoint Presentations How-To Guides Podcasts Inforgraphics Video Content Landing PagesMonday, February 24, 14 21. Content Marketing Strategy Promote Your Content Post Your Blog on your website, but do not stop there! Submit content to like-minded communities Tweet it, Post it and Share it on major social media Thank Sharerspublicly Use a pop-up email subscription form on your site on the blog page offering free content as incentiveMonday, February 24, 14 22. Content Marketing Strategy Tips Headline and images are two of the most important factors that catch the attention of the audience when it comes to content. Headlines with How to and List are enjoyed by people. Make a list post; they are easier for users to skim the article. When someone visits your blog, make sure a pop-up email subscription form is presented to them, offering some free content as an incentive. Through the introduction of Twitters Custom Timelines, LinkedIns Showcase Pages, and other tools that help you organize and target content, marketers will be able to create content for highly targeted segments of their audience.Monday, February 24, 14 23. Content Marketing Strategy Monitor Your ContentOnce you create that blog post, post that social media content or create a stellar powerpoint presentation. You MUST monitor the content.Monday, February 24, 14 24. Content Marketing Strategy Monitor + Analyze Your Content Blogs - visit your analytics. How long are users staying on the page? What is the bounce rate? Social Media Posts - look at Facebook Insights Are users seeing your message? Are they engaging?Monday, February 24, 14 25. Content Marketing StrategyContent Marketing Examples@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 26. Content Marketing Strategy Redbull - Stratos CampaignFelix Baumgartner made a freefall jump from 24 miles above the earth last October. The jump broke five records. As a result, Redbull sold 5.2 billion cans worldwide last year, a 13% increase over the year prior Content: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Livestream@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 27. Content Marketing Strategy Hubspot - All-in-One Marketing Platform Hubspot is a premier all-in-one marketing platform that aids marketers in optimizing their websites with SEO, social media and blogging tools. They release a plethora of content on a daily basis. Almost all of it requires an opt-in form. Funny videos, interviews and more create an AWESOME dynamic Image courtesy of Monday, February 24, 14Content: Opt-in Forms | White Papers Blogs | Video Tutorials 28. Content Marketing Strategy American Express American Express, leading credit card company, created OPEN Forum. This platform offers advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs. They leverage the voice of experts to drive MAJOR engagement. Content: Social Media Posts | Forums Blog ContentImage courtesy of Kapost.comMonday, February 24, 14 29. Content Marketing Strategy Moz - SEO Software and Marketing Tools Moz helps marketers and business owners by providing marketing strategies, education and videos hosted by the CEO, Rand Fishkin. His White board Friday is the highlight of their content marketing garnering tons of unique views. Content: Tutorial Videos | BlogsImage courtesy of Kapost.comMonday, February 24, 14 30. Content Marketing RECAP 1 - Do Your Market Research 2 - Choose Your Director of Content 3 - Write Your Style Guide 4 - Create Your Content Calendar 5 - Publish Your Content 6 - Monitor Your Content 7 - Analyze Your Content Pat yourself on the back cause youre a badass content marketing manager@JDSaunders_ Monday, February 24, 14 31. Content Marketing Tools Monitoring and Analytics Tools BuzzSumo - identify the most shared links and key influencers in any topic - Google Alerts keep tabs on pertinent keywords - Google Analytics - monitor website traffic - Topsy Analytics (Twitter) check out top trending Twitter posts - Yoast Wordpress Plugin - easy-to-use SEO tool for website optimization - yoast.comAdditional Tools Google Forms - Create FREE forms - Free Stock Pics - Monday, February 24, 14 32. Content Marketing Tools Content Distribution and Curation Tools URL shortener - Buffer - schedule your content across Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter - Google Databoard - Research Insights and keyword - Hootsuite - post to multiple social media profiles - - curate and engage readers via live embedded list content inside blog posts - Mailchimp - email marketing client. Also creates newsletter plugin for website - ma