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  • 1. Presentation by: Christina Schucht
  • 2. Menu Page You can select whatever step you want from here. It will start automatically from Step 1: Opening the Page if you do not choose in the next 15 seconds. You may return to this page at anytime. By hitting the button with house on it in the right corner. Step 1: Opening the Page Step 5: Connecting Through Education/Employment information Step 2: Registration Step 6: Adding a Profile Picture Step 3: Security Check Step 7: Your Homepage Making Connections Step 8: Your Profile Page Step 4: Connecting Through E-Mail Step 9: Your Wall Credits
  • 3. Step 1: Opening the Page When you first open up this is what it should look like.
  • 4. Step 2: Registration To create a facebook profile you must first enter in the necessary information in the section of the homepage. You must type in your full name, your e-mail address (twice), and a password (one that is hard for people to figure out). You must also put your sex and your birthday. If you feel uncomfortable with putting any specific information up you may change to make private later.
  • 5. Step 3: Security Check You generally have to do a Security Check on many sites you may want to join. Just type in the letters you see.
  • 6. Making Connections Steps The next couple of steps are about making connections through different ways on is all about connecting with friends that you have now, friends from your past, and maybe help you make future friends.
  • 7. Step 4: Connecting Through E-Mail You can enter your e-mail address a second time to see if you have any contacts in your online address book, to see if you already have some friends on
  • 8. Step 5: Connecting Through Education/Employment Information You can connect through your education background, like if you have an old college friend that you would like to get in touch with. You can also put your current employment information, by doing this it will bring up a new tab that will show you people you might know to add as a friend.
  • 9. Step 6: Adding a Profile Picture You can either add a profile picture from a file that you have of yourself, or take a picture right there in front of your webcam if you have one. Make sure it is a clear picture of you so your future friends can recognize you.
  • 10. Step 7: Your Homepage After completing registration, this is what your facebook login information will bring you to. It shows all statuses and posts that you or your friends create. This is facebooks RSS feed.
  • 11. Step 8: Your Profile Page This is your facebook profile page. You get to here by clicking on Profile in the right corner. It shows any information that you put up while registering. You can add more information, or hide it by going to Account