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Quick tutorial for our employees on how to create an account in TRAIN Virginia, our learning management system.


  • 1. How to create an account inTRAIN
  • 2. Click Create Account
  • 3. Agree to the PoliciesCheck to box and click Next.
  • 4. Opt-in to Receive Emails from TRAINTRAIN will not send you spam. Checking this box ensures that you receiveconfirmations and updates to courses youve registered for and changes to thesystem.
  • 5. Enter Your Legal NameThis should be the first and last name that appear on your paycheck.
  • 6. Enter your VDH email addressIf you are a contractor or work for another organization, use that emailaddress. This is an important field because it enables TRAIN to talk to theKnowledge Center so that your transcript is current.
  • 7. Spell out Virginia Department of HealthDont use abbreviations here.
  • 8. Select something you will rememberOur Distance Learning Coordinator uses this to verify your identity when youcall for assistance. We strongly recommend using mothers maiden name.
  • 9. This next section lookssimple, but its extremelyimportant that you get it right.
  • 10. Select Groups Beside State PortalIf you make the correct selections, you will see all of the courses you will need.If you dont, you wont.
  • 11. Are you an EMS provider?Make the correct selection.
  • 12. Select State Agency and Dept of HealthYou will need to pause after each selection and wait for the next drop-down toload. After you select Department of Health, select Central Office or VA HealthDistricts.
  • 13. Central Office EmployeesSelect the office to which your work unit reports. Pause and wait for the nextdrop-down list load. Then, select your specific office. Finally, click Submit. Youwill return to the Group Selection screen.
  • 14. District EmployeesSelect your specific health district. Click submit and you will return to the GroupSelection screen.
  • 15. Select a CDC groupYou would only select groups for the MRC portal if that applies to you.However, everyone should select groups for the CDC portal.
  • 16. Select a Community of PracticeYou can select whichever group you like. There is no wrong choice. Making thisselection will ensure that you can see any courses that the CDC publishes in TRAIN.
  • 17. Click NextOnce youve selected the correct groups, you should be able to see all of thecourses that you may need to take.
  • 18. Select your Professional RoleYou can select up to 3.
  • 19. Select your Work SettingYou can select up to 3.
  • 20. Enter Your Demographic InformationThis information is usually used for reporting purposes.
  • 21. Are you a Current VDH Employee?If you are, select Yes. If you are a contractor or a city or county employee,select No.
  • 22. Select Your Race/Ethnicity
  • 23. Are You a Manager or Supervisor?If you are, check the box.
  • 24. Youre done!