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Personal branding is extremely important if you want to show others what you are capable of, and it is not enough anymore to have just a great online presence. You need to know what you would say to someone if they stopped you on the street and asked, "What do you do?"


  • 1. How to Create a Strong Personal Branding Statement As seen on Careerealism
  • 2. What Do You Do?A few weeks ago, I met some of my boyfriendsfamily members from out-of-state for the first time.A few of them politely asked me, "What do youwant to do now that youre out of college?"At the time, I didnt have much to say beyond, "Idlike to land a full-time job and possibly go to gradschool for something sort of educationaltechnology related."
  • 3. It Occurred to Me ThatIt wasnt the case that I didnt know what my In short, I was talents and strengths lacking a personal were or what type of branding statement, work I wanted to do, but I certainly hadnt also known as an prepared any elevator pitch. organized way of telling them that.
  • 4. Why Do I Need a Brand?Personal branding is extremely important ifyou want to show others what you arecapable of, and it is not enough anymore tohave just a great online presence.You need to know what you would say tosomeone if they stopped you on the streetand asked, "What do you do?"
  • 5. Concise, Confident, Clear A concise, confident, clear answer to this question will not only make a greatfirst impression, it will instill in you a sense of clarity regarding what your career goals are and how you can best achieve them.
  • 6. How Do I Do It?The best advice I have read so far aboutcreating a personal branding statement comesfrom an article by J.T. ODonnell overat Careerealism.She treats this process like a recipe. Combine theanswers to 5 important questions you must askyourself, and the result will be a deliciouspersonal branding statement that you can beproud of.
  • 7. Heres my statement after answering her questions:I love to be the person who people go to foranswers, like a human search engine.I can take information gathered from a number ofsources and combine it into something useful andthorough that ultimately teaches other peoplesomething in a way that is easily understood.
  • 8. I like to figure out what the problem is thatneeds to be solved, and then I start compiling alist of the resources I will need to use.I love to take notes to organize my thoughts, so Iuse many outlines and style them like a to-dolist.I rely on a combination of mymemory, writing, and organization skills to helpget my point across to my audience.
  • 9. On family game night, I am the person whoreads all the instructions for a new gamebefore we play it so I can be familiar with therules and details of it.Then, when people have questions, I can lookup the answers and add my owninterpretation of it so we can all learn to playthe game the right way faster.
  • 10. In the past, I wrote more than 500 pressreleases for a branding organization.Our clients each had several social mediaprofiles and websites whose information I hadto combine into a 1-3 page press release.I have also tutored many students who werecalled in for job interviews after I taught themhow to prepare their answers and streamlinetheir resumes and cover letters.
  • 11. I believe my skills would be of great value inthe training industry as an instructionaldesigner or training coordinator.Using my research skills, I would love tocreate training manuals, courses, andpresentations for multiple industries thatwould help employees learn new skills andincrease their efficiency.
  • 12. By answering 5 questions I was able to craft a personal brandingstatement for myself that speaks to my unique talents and can be modified to fit any situation. Visit Careerealism today to learn how you can craft a unique statement of your own!
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