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1. How to create a strong and secure password Reinaldo Bispo 2. Summary Talk how to make a secure password Bonus Questions? 3. Example: 12345 (Not OK!) First step: Has at least eight characters Example: asdfghjk ( OK) 4. Example: soccer (Bad password) Does not contain a complet word Example: rei123na (OK) 5. BAD CHOISE ! Is significantly different from previous passwords Last Pasword: lovesoccer New password: lovesoccer1 6. Example: iLov5s0cCe$ i love soccer Contains characters from each of these 4 categories: ALL CAPS, lower case, n3mber, $pecial symbols. 7. Example: iLov5s0cCe$ Join the password to a favorite hobby or sport 8. Bad password: R4iN(ld0iL0v3&5oOcE! reinaldoilovesoccer Create an acronym thats easy to remember. Example: R4iNa?d0 - Reinaldo 9. They use good practices for creating passwords Use a password generation 1 (website) 2 - Secure Password Generator (website) 3 - Strong Password Generator (website) 10. Attention!! no one can know my password, ever. Do not give your password to anyone!! 11. My password: ilovesoccer Avoid words that you usually use often. 12. Password: mYengLish?!@%iSv4r7bA 8 my english is very bad Do not create a password so hard that you do not remember 13. BONUS Change your passwords regularly Do not use the same password for multiple services. Do not use dates or facts that may be found online. 14. do you have any questions? 15. THANKS!