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How to Create The Perfect PasswordTips to Choose a Strong



6 Ways to Build a Strong PasswordUse lower & upper case lettersGo for length over complexityDont use name, email etc.Get a password managerDont share your password to anybodyBe vigilant


Use Lower & Upper Case LettersUse lower & upper case letters, numbers and keyboard characters and itll take two years to crack this password.


Go For Length Over ComplexityCreate password 15 characters long. On average a hacker can crack a 10 character password in 1 week while a 15 character password will take 1.49m centuries.


Dont Use Name, Email etc.Dont use-Dictionary wordsSlangNamesEmail address


Get a Password ManagerA Password Manager will remember or store all of your password. Lasspass, 1 password and keepass are good password manager.


Dont Share Your Password to AnybodyNever disclose your password detail to anyone. Dont write your password for all to see. Record it and keep it secret.


Be VigilantDont leave your laptop, desktop or mobile along for any period of time. Always log out before putting it alone. Be alert when using a wifi (Public WiFi).



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