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This is an updated version of my last PowerPoint on how to create a Delicious Account


  • 1. HOW TO Create a delicious account Written by Jacqui Sharp Updated July 2010
  • 2. Click on this link
  • 3. Setting up a Yahoo Account
  • 4. Step One
    • Choose a Delicious account name or type in a name you would like to use, click Save
  • 5. Step Two
    • Click on Or Skip this Step
    • Click on Help
    • Click on
    Add Bookmark buttons
  • 6. Bookmarking Buttons Click on the Browser you are using Safari
  • 7. Step Two (Install Firefox buttons)
    • If you are using a Firefox Browser you may get this message
    • Click on Allow
    • Click on Install Now
    • You may have to Restart, click on Restart
    • You are now ready to add websites to your Delicious pages
  • 8. Step Two (Install Explorer buttons)
  • 9. Step Two (Install Safari buttons)
    • Drag the Bookmark on Delicious up to the Bookmarks toolbar
    • Drag the My Delicious up to the toolbar
  • 10. How do I add a website to Delicious?
    • Find a website
    • Click on the Tag button
    • Type in a description of the website into the notes section
    • Type in tags (multiple words have no spaces)
    • Click Save
  • 11. My Delicious
    • Your 3 new buttons will appear on your toolbar.
    • The Delicious button or My Delicious will take you to your Delicious page
    My delicious button My Tag button Displays Bookmarks
  • 12. Delicious Bookmarks
    • The Display Bookmarks will show a side panel in your browser showing your last bookmarks and Bundles in Alphabetical order
    My delicious button My Tag button Displays Bookmarks
  • 13. My Tag button My delicious button My Tag button Displays Bookmarks
  • 14. Tags and Bundles
  • 15. Tags and Bundles
  • 16. Network with others
  • 17. To access your delicious account on another computer
    • Type in
    • Click on
    • Type in your username and password, click
    • Your page will appear
    • To add delicious buttons to your browser, click on the help button
    • Under Need Tools click on
    • Click on Firefox or Internet Explorer for those buttons, if you are using another browser like Safari then click on the Bookmarklet buttons for any browser
    • Follow the installation instructions
  • 18. Add a Delicious Network badge to your Wiki or Blog
    • Sign in to your Delicious page
    • Click on Help
    • Under Need Tools? click on
    • Under Add your bookmarks and tags to your Website are many choices
  • 19. Which option?
    • Linkrolls display your most recent bookmarks
    • Tagrolls show your tags as a cloud
    • Network Badges display details about your Delicious site
  • 20. Add your Delicious tag to a Blog or Wiki
    • Click on either Linkrolls, Tagrolls or Network Badges
    • For every option you can customise how it will look by clicking in boxes
    • Once the tag looks how you want it to look on your blog, copy the code
    • Paste it into your html/javascript option on your blog or wiki