How To Cope With Your Anger

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<ul><li>1.Don't Let It Consume You"Tai Chi and Yoga are very helpful to me. Also meditating on how to just let the anger go. Anger is a toxic substance, and will eat you alive."--Sixtieschick Forgive"For me, anger and past pain go hand in hand. Holding on to anger is self- imprisonment. The key is forgiveness...not easy, but within it is freedom."--dancer17 Give It Some Thought"When I get angry, I seclude myself, sit in my beanbag chair and punch, pinch, bite, whatever, 'til I feel better. Then I relax in the chair and really give the matter a good think-over."--freeindeed789 </li></ul> <p>2. Reconnect With Nature"I used to put on some really loud music and sing my lungs out 'til I was practically hoarse. I now go out and tend my garden, with great love. Being in connection with nature is a wonderful way to change your vibrations and release negativity while absorbing positivity."--Dakotabarrett </p>