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Being angry is one fact that every human being on earth have experienced and still experiencing till today, nobody can deny that fact. But the question is: how can it be controlled? Or what should we do to do prevent its damages from us, since is a fact that always happens consciously and unconsciously? Many people have done a lot of damages to them selfs do to this problem called anger. Some have lost many business opportunities, job opportunities, contracts, life partners and even their own children do to this. This is a cry that every human being are crying and asking for whom will wipe away their tears. I have cried this cry before and asked the same question as: what have I done? What have I said? Oh God I have made a mistake. But I started looking for answers on how to stop this from damaging my life and I found one. I came in contact with something that has made me better, something that has freed me from this force of destruction call anger. And that is what I came here to share with you. I call it a proven strategy that can control your anger and free you from its damages forever. In it you will learn: What being angry really is What courses it and how it can be controlled. plus What the information did in me and what it can do in you as well Why I decided to share it with you Why you must give it to someone else after using it, like I did to my sister. Infarct, you will learn how to be free from anger forever and be able to teach others as well, among others! That is what you will learn here, so join me lets stop this madness together, lets stop this pain, this after effect, this job snatcher, friends snatcher, and business destroyer. Come lets stop it immediately!


  • 1. How To ControlYour AngerA proven method to control your anger andstop its Damages from your life!By Alagba Chisom.Copyright 2014 by Alagba ChisomAll rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced in any form,in whole or in part, without written permission from the author.

2. PrefaceThis book is all about how to stop anger or control it from yourlife forever. So I will be teaching you how to do that is in fewminutes from now. Please pay attention and jute things down asyou read.But I ask you for one thing: if you know you are not ready to eatthis food, I mean to practice it. Please do yourself a favor anddont Oder this book. Period!It makes no sense to come and see a food that you dont want toeat. It makes no sense at all, so dont bother wasting your timein seeing it in the first place, please! I only want results like Ihave in mine, so if you know you are not willing to do what youare about to learn now please dont join me, but if you arewilling to do it, then join me lets start immediately! 3. Why You Need This BookYou need this book because you really need it. Why because Ihave not come here to give you theories, rather I have come togive practical, what works for me, and I believe it will work foryou as well. So you only need this book because I have donewhat am about to tell you. Simple! 4. ContentPrefaceWhy you need this bookPART A:What is anger?What courses angerPART B:The solutionsSolution ASolution BSolution CConclusionAbout the author andThank you! 5. PART AWhat Is Anger?Anger is a danger, a weapon that when it strikes you, it makesyou not to see the dangers in it until it finishes his work. Issomething that when it comes to you it closes your eyes not tosee all the pains it carries until its job is done, then you startcrying hard I know.The most dangerous part of it is that it carries a force, a forcethat can make you kill or damage anything around you at ones,and sometimes including yourself. Its so dangerous. I hate itwith passion!Can you imagine that a man like Moses who suffered and did allhe could for God but yet this dangerous thing stopped him fromentering the promise land. He only saw it but never entered.What a pain!May this never be your potion, Amen!One day, somebody did something to my junior sister and I gotangry and rushed the person without knowing why she did whatshe did. It was later that I discovered that my sister was at fault.And I felt disappointed, not knowing how to ask for herforgiveness. But I latter did it anyway.Many people have died because of this thing could anger, yetsome of us really dont know what it is, what course it and how 6. it could be controlled. That is what I came here to tell you, so dopay attention and following me. You will have a cure to it soon.So what is anger?Anger is that other you that you dont want to see yet itkeeps coming. So how can you stop or control this other youthat you dont like seeing?That is what I will show you soon!


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