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All About Flowers for Weddings consists of talented designers with a trained eye for detail. Browse ideas for all of your wedding flowers including bouquets, reception centerpieces, and boutonnieres.


  • How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers ???

  • Keep some points in your mind at flower buying time

  • Decide how much you want to spend in advance and relay it to your florist.

  • Flower colors For theme of the wedding

    Five main colors for many weddings now but you do need to be careful that the colors don't overwhelm the wedding or create a sense of disjointed themes.

  • Flower colors match with dress

  • Why use silk flowers??

    the cost of silk is only marginally cheaper than fresh, they can be kept indefinitely.

  • The church or ceremonial area is normally a large space, so you can work with larger-headed flowers.

    How should the flowers for your church/ civil service differ from the reception?

  • Many brides also incorporate flowers from the bouquet on the end of the pews to tie everything together.

  • Moyses Stevens give stunning Wedding flowers & floral arrangements.