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Companies that offer national and international air freight shipping services are generally licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, an authorized governing body.


<ul><li> 1. How to Choose Air Freight Shipping ServicesTransporting goods from one country to another country can be quitedaunting, but you cannot avoid this, especially if you own amanufacturing business where you need to ship your products to differentparts of the country and outside. Shipping services are also quite helpfulfor those who are in the process of relocating their business or family toanother country or state. Companies that offer national and internationalair freight shipping services are generally licensed by the Federal MaritimeCommission, an authorized governing body. And you as a customer needto choose companies that have this certification or else you may get intodeep trouble.How to Identify Reliable Shipping Companies?There are plenty of shipping companies which can be contacted viainternet, but the challenge is to understand if all those companies can betrusted to deliver what they promise. Therefore, gather all informationthat you can about the company you have selected. Some signs that youneed to look for are their seal of accreditation or license, reputationamong their clients, the range of air freight shipping services they offer,their credibility among their competitors, list of destinations they offer,types of cargo they accept, support throughout the shipping process, thetechnology they use and their punctuality in meeting deadlines.When You Can Choose Air Freight Shipping Services?Although air freight services can be a little expensive compared to otherforms, yet they are very efficient and very quick. It is one of the fastestmethods of transporting goods from one place to another. Air freightservices are particularly useful when you want to move pets, perishablecargo like food and beverages that include fruits, vegetables, meat,processed food, grocery items, pharmaceutical products, FMCG products ,etc or anything that has a short expiration period. You can also use theservices when you have short deadlines to meet in delivering cargo or ifyou have been manufacturing delays due to which delivery schedule isdelayed. Air freight services are also perfect for those who are relocating;this ensures a quick and smooth transition for you and your family.What Other Additional Services Are Offered?Shipping companies offer several additional services to make the wholeprocess less daunting for you. They provide the right type of insurance</li></ul> <p> 2. coverage, handle the customs, offer dump vans, cargo pick up, loadingand unloading assistance, port to port and door to door deliveries,containers in variety of dimensions, packaging supplies, list of air port citycodes, live cargo tracking tools, facility to calculate your air freightshipping services costs, etc.</p>