How to Build a Facebook Business Video in 5 Minutes

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HOW TOBUILD AFACEBOOKBUSINESS VIDEOin5minutesNearly half of U.S. small businesses dont haveweb sites, according to a new study Instead, theyre using review sitessuch as and Angies List, or socialnetworks such as Facebook to get the word outabout their businesses.To promote moresmall business use ofFacebooks platform,Facebook rolled outa new feature YourBusiness Story that makes it easierfor SMBs to tell theirbusiness storythrough video. Here's how tomake yours...Step 1: Go Facebook will prompt you tolog on.You can only create a businessvideo if youre an authorizedAdministrator for a Facebookpage. If youre an Admin formultiple pages, choose the oneyou want to create thisbusiness video for. Step 2: Choose your photos.Facebooks businesses arentfull-motion extravagances:theyre low-tech (albeitattractive) video montages thatsequence through 8 of yourphotos, providing a quick video montage. Facebooklets you easily select and sequence the photos sothat they provide the movement required to conveya good story. If you havent yet uploaded 8 photos,Facebook will prompt you to do so. Confirm yourphoto selections and go onto the next page.Step 3: Tell your story (very briefly)Facebook only gives you90 characters to expressyour business saga: thesecharacters will appearafter Facebooks cannedtext readingWere in the business of Obviously, you should choosetext that makes sense in this context. Once youre happywith this text, choose Confirm Your Story.Step 4: Choose your music.Youre not going to findanything particularlycutting-edge on this page(sorry folks, no Bowie,Prince, or Miles Davis here).Facebooks music accompaniment selections are a bitMuzaky, but are probably adequate for many smallbusinesses. Currently Facebook offers a rocklike track,synth, electronica, and percussion-only tracks.Step 5: Agree with Facebooksterms.Facebook provides someadditional boilerplate languagebeyond its standard TOSgranting it a worldwide, non-exclusive right to display yourideo around the world. Unlessyou have an objection to theseadded terms, click I Agree andyoure done. Step 6: Wait About 10 Minutes.Facebook processes these videos veryquickly: our test video was live on theintended page within about 10 minutes. A note -- You can create additionalvideos with different storylines, which isvery useful if your business does morethan one thing.A couple ofinteresting thingsto notice aboutYour BusinessVideo are:1. Its formatted in thesquare (1:1) format,which seems to havebecome the favoritevideo aspect ratio onsocial media, so checkto make sure that anyimages formatted toother ratios haventbecome cropped in anunpleasant way.2. The video addsa gentle zoom-outeffect to eachimage (call it alimited Ken Burnseffect.)3. Once your videois live, you canboost it just likeany otherFacebook post.4. If you dont likeyour video, youcan just delete it.Facebooks video tool doesnt provide anysophisticated effects, editing capabilities, or eventhe ability for the business to provide its own narrationtrack. Many small businesses may find it inadequate forpresenting a refined brand image.But for those businesses who lack marketing budgets andwant to project a livelier, moreanimated view of what they do -- without spending muchtime or money doing it -- Your Business Story is worthinvestigating. Facebook's Your Business Story is quick,easy to use, and can put small businessesinto video production without spending adime on production.Video is big these days: provided you have high-quality photos available (and a good story that willfit into the 90 character limit), you can get into thevideo game in less than a half hour of work. Do you have more questions aboutsocial media and video marketing?WE CAN HELP.