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  • 1. How to Behave After an AutoAccident

2. Accidents happen when weleast expect them. Autoaccidents are no exception.Here are some steps to take if you are involvedin a crash: 3. Most important, establish whether anyone isinjured. If so, call 911immediately. Unless you are blocking traffic, try not tomove cars until the police arrive.However, safety is yourfirst priority. If you feelunsafe, move your car tothe side of the road. 4. If there are no injuries or an accident occurson private property, the police may notrespond. Be sure to obtain complete insuranceinformation and identification. Write downthe license plate number and the vehicleidentification number (VIN). 5. One party may not want to call the police andaccepts blame at the scene. This may be anoption, providing you have the contactinformation of neutral witnesses passersbywho witnessed the accident (not yourpassengers). But note: Once the at-fault partyrealizes rates will increase, the story maychange. Its always best to call the police and askthem to respond. 6. At the scene, do not argue about who is atfault. Exchange information and tell the otherparty he or she will hear from your insurancecarrier. If you have your cell phone, take pictures or avideo of the accident scene. 7. Call your agent right away.Most insurance companieshave toll-free numbers toreport your claim, andreporting delays can jeopardizeyour coverage. Keep yourinsurance card in your vehicleso that you can prove you have up-to-datecoverage. 8. Consider carryingflares in your trunk.Many of us drive for years without an accident.However, as distracted driving grows, accidentswill increase. It is always better to hope for thebest but prepare for the worst. 9. Randy