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How To Become A Creative Genius

Technically speaking, the best way to boost your creativity is to boost the communication flo between your two brain hemispheres: your left and right brains.

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Apparently during the creative process, our left and right brains are focused on the problem exchanging information to and fro in a form of a partnership.


Highly creative people are known to have an easy and unobstructed flow of information between left and right brains. They know how to increase the stimulation to their brain and expose it to l experiential stimulation, stretching and expanding its creative prowess by bringing it to new uncharted waters.

After all, they understand that every learning experience is a mental one. And the more ment stimulating and experiential an activity is, the more they learn. In this section:-

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1. Know the Fundamental Skills of Creative Thinking 2. Develop these Fundamental Thinking Skills with Juxtaerobix 3. Discover the revolutionary learning approach of JUICE and it relates to the Creativity Process Famous Creativity Quotes


_______________________________________________________________ 1. Know The Fundamental Skills of Creative ThinkingIt is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it. - Descartes

Seizing The Opportunity One of the most fundamental skills of creativity is the ability to see an opportunity and seize it. Every day, we are faced with countless opportunities to develop our creative thinking skills. Such opportunities present themselves while we are at home with the kids, going to work, at the workplace, at board meetings, out to lunch, or hanging out in the pubs with our friends.

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The problem we face is not so much a lack of activities or events to stimulate our creative sen There is in fact no shortage of encounters for us to develop our creativity. The real challenge is to recognize these moments as opportunities for seizing and for creative outburst.

Challenging Assumptions Many inventions were the result of people who were willing to challenge assumptions that exis during their time.

People tend to see only what they think to see. Every time we look at something is in our world, we make our own assumptions about the reality before us. We b our lives and decisions on those assumptions we make. If we accept those assumptions as real and concrete, we will live by them. However, the momen someone chooses to challenge those same assumptions as unreal, he or she ma on the road to discovering something new and different.

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Challenging assumptions is an important component of creativity because it force to look beyond what is already accepted or is obvious. It can lead to the kind perceptual breakthroughs we are looking for in the problems before us.

Oftentimes our assumptions of things are so entrenched that it never crosses our minds to chal them. These assumptions are apparently so established that we no longer question their valid even though time has passed and things have changed. We are so used to them that we simp accept them as they are.

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But many of our lifes problems are tainted with false assumptions and they prevent us from thi something new and different. They stifle our creativity and the result is the more or less the sam of tried solutions. No new and novel possibilities.


Taking Risks Taking risks is part and parcel of being a creative thinker. If youre not willing to take risks (and these can include calculated risks) and experience failure, then you cannot expect to be a great creative thinker. No one truly succeeds without failing first. And no one truly becomes a creative genius without having to risk his ideas.

However, if you really want to experience major leaps in your creativity, then youll have to lea take risks. Youll fail but failure is good: it accelerates the learning process by generating ne information and science has shown that our brain literally rewires itself each time we make mistake. Our brain learns through a series of trials and errors.

Looking At Problems From A New Perspective No new ideas will evolve from old perspectives. To create a new product, you must be able t visualize that new product. But you cannot do this if you keep looking at your problem from the same perspective.

You got to look at your problems from a new perspective in order to gain new insights. By changing your perspective and shifting to a new one, you will be able to expand your mental horizon and capture something you were previously unable to see. Only by seeing something new, will you be able to think up new ideas and create something new Thinking Ambiguously The ability to think ambiguously is a great boon to yielding creative insights.

This same ability is being exhibited every time someone indulges in wordplay or humor.

People who can think ambiguously are known to be fluid and flexible thinkers. A tinge of ambig thinking during the idea generation stage of the creative process has the power to bring out a g of an idea!

However, the main problem in our society is that people generally prefer things that are clear unambiguous. They dont like to associate themselves with things that are vague and have more one meaning. As a result, we become rather rigid in the way we think, preferring to be involve only things that have clear and specific parameters. The outcome: predictability.

. Develop The Fundamental Skills of Creative Thinking with JuxtaerobixJuxtaerobix workouts are an excellent type of mental aerobics that provides the necessary stimuli to the two halves of your whole brain! Juxtaerobix does it by getting the two brains to talk and work together! A classic case of Two heads are better than one. Juxtaerobix is a series of high impact, high fun energy and mentally gyrating workouts for the whole brain. Juxtaerobix is to our brain what aerobics is to our body. The word Juxtaerobix is a hybrid word derived from "juxtaposition" meaning the art of placing things side by side to conjure new meaning; and "aerobics" depicting workouts that generate the efficient taking of oxygen supply into our bodies. Juxtaerobix as a series of brain workouts is powered by the art form of Word Juxtapoz. The Physical Attributes Of A Juxtaerobix Workout Each Juxtaerobix workout consists of some left brain element(s) and right brain element(s): words, letters, symbols (left-brain) and pictures, images, cartoons, illustrations, visuals, colors (right-brain). These are the left-brain logic, structure and organization components and the right-brain creating conceptualization and visualization components. Put simply, the left hemisphere of our brain has the primary function of distilling information down into component parts for analysis and sequencing. It quantifies, establishes procedures, recognizes words and symbols, organizes, plans; its logical, analytical, systematic, practical, rational, critical, numerate, mathematical, and accomplishes tasks. This side of our brain is largely associated with our language ability.

The right side of our brain is designed to see the world as a whole and has the ability to synthesize parts to form a whole. It imagines, infers, speculates, feels, responds to touch and music; its sensitive, intuitive, emotional, curious, expressive, holistic, visual, and originative. This right of our brain is largely associated with our spatial appreciation. By employing the art of Word Juxtapoz "(which is created by Patrick Chan), Juxtaerobix is formed or conceptualized through the clever juxtaposition of left- and right-brain elements of words, letters of the alphabet, symbols, punctuation points, visuals, pictures, images, illustrations and even colors to depict meanings or messages that are not apparent. One has to navigate through the maze of elements and discover their relationships between one another in order to decipher the hidden meaning or "solution". The message is in fact in the medium itself. Hence in sum, each Juxtaerobix workout compels a user to develop his or her natural whole brain thinking. The ultimate outcome: A holistic creative thinker!

Juxtaerobix: Develop Your Creativity Thinking Skills While You're Having Fun 1. Juxtaerobix as a series of high impact, high fun energy and mentally gyrating workouts for the whole brain, provides ample opportunities for you to seize to liberate the creative child inside you.

2. Juxtaerobix presents the necessary stimuli that will elicit certain responses and your particular response will depend on the assumptions you make. When you successfully challenge some of your assumptions, you will finally see the light to the hidden code behind each Juxtaerobix teaser.

3. Because Juxtaerobix brain workouts involve only the risks of idea generation and not the risks of implementation, you can safely force yourself to be willing to suggest whatever ideas pop up.

4. Each Juxtaerobix workout will help you produce new perspectives, and see problems with association, combining problem elements, or eliciting responses to various stimuli. In each case, the outcome is the same: new ways of thinking about a problem.

5. The best way to tackle Juxtaerobix is to think ambiguously. The more youre able to do so, the more insights to the suggested solution youll receive. By thinking ambiguously, youre actually going with the flow and design of


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