How to Become a Creative Communicator (Part 1)

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Want to get people's attention? Get creative! I invited architect and author Matthew Frederick to be an interview guest on my podcast, 'Presentation Skills for Design Students' by putting my own spin on his book, '101 Things I Learned in Architecture School'. Visit to hear the final episode!


<ul><li> How to become a creativecommunicator </li> <li> christina canters by </li> <li> themission: </li> <li> Interviewarchitect,authorandeducator matthewfrederick </li> <li> ...onmypodcast: </li> <li> ...onmypodcast: (ItsiniTunes.Checkitout.Itsprettygood.) </li> <li> Whymatthewfrederick? </li> <li> hewrotethisbook: </li> <li> (whichilove) </li> <li> soirecreatedit. </li> <li> thenimailedittohim. </li> <li> matthewsresponse? </li> <li> Adorable. Love the little book. Id be delighted to talk with you on your podcast. Best regards, Matt </li> <li> CREATIVE COMMUNICATION FTW </li> <li> SO...WATCHTHISSPACE! </li> <li> Find out more at: Helping you become a confident, creative communicator. </li> </ul>