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  • How to Be Happy and Healthy

    Understanding of the word health varies from person to person for many reasons. There arethose who think that eating healthy food is the only way to stay healthy and fit. Others arefocused exclusively on exercising. Some undertake different diets combined with working out athome. Most of the people do not exercise at all, do not eat regularly and do not even think aboutthe life style they lead. There is no formula for healthy life there are only different choices. Oneshould put in many effort and determination if they want to live happily and satisfied. Moreover,once you take a look at these recommendations you should realise that healthy life is only thequestion of will.

    Change your habits

    Every one of us has bad habits and they are the number one reason for not preserving healthylifestyle. Smoking is the most common bad habit. Drugs, irregular meals, lacking of sleep arealso the main causes of illness and psychological dissatisfaction. Do your best to reduce thesehabits. For instance lack of sleep influence our memory, concentration, motor skills, metabolismand mood. Body and mind need to recover from everyday responsibilities and effort. Whilesleeping, our body heals and recover.

    Exercise on a daily basis

    There are many ways and methods of exercising. Nowadays the development of exercisingdevices allows you to exercise any where you wish. Fitness instructors are to be finding in everygym. Yoga and meditation teachers are widely spread around the world. Extreme sports arevery popular. There are 24 hour gyms everywhere . The truth is that the only thing you have todo is to choose the method that suits you the best.

    Eat breakfast every day

    Fruits and vegetables are a must for everyone who wishes to stay healthy. Proteins like fish,beans and tofu are also very important. Breakfast is the most important meal during the daybecause it helps you maintain blood sugar and gives you energy for your optimal physical andmental performance. The most important thing is to eat balanced meals and not to overeat. The

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  • second in importance is to avoid processed food that contains excessive fat or hidden sugar.

    Avoid stress

    Is seems that this is easily said than done but the truth is that there is one golden rule regardingthis issue. If you have problems, do your best to resolve it immediately, but if you are by anychance unable to resolve it, do not waste your time and energy on it, just leave it as it is. Why?Because sometimes the solution to the problems will come in time and in other situations youare not the only responsible for the problem. Stress has very harmful effects on your body andsoul so do not take this lightly. Do not overwork if possible and try to do the thing you enjoy andlike.

    Express your artistic nature

    One does not have to be an artist by vocation to express his or her artistic nature. If you like topaint, just feel free to paint. If you like writing, do not hesitate to write even if the texts wont bepublished or read by anyone. Keeping your feelings for yourself can cause many stress andmental pain.

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