How to be creative when you're dead (less zombies, more unicorns)

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How to be Creativewhen youre

How to be creative when youre dead

I know Im the last speaker and youre probably dying for this to finish.

In an article called Die! Press release! Die! Die! Die! Former Financial Times and Silicon Valley Watcher journalist Tom Foremski declared that the press release was dead. This was in 2006.

As early as 2004, a whole host of SEO blogs were declaring that SEO is dead. If you type SEO is Deadinto Google, you now get 55 million results.

In April this year, The Atlantic declared that Twitter is dead, writing a eulogy for Twitter and declaring that the beloved social publishing platform enters its twilight. The problem is SEO, Press Releases, Twitter and a whole host of other formats, that have been declared dead for years now, are all still alive and kicking. And what else is alive and kicking?


The reason people keep saying that press releases, SEO, even Twitter is dead is because of a lack of creativity. Its lazy journalism and lazy blogging to call something dead. Youre just not thinking.

You write lazy, boring press releases or blog posts or creative, journalists and bloggers hate writing it up and readers hate reading it, or even worse dont read it at all.

There are thousands and thousands of journalists out there who just want a well written news release that they can edit easily to fill their pages of regional papers, weekly papers, trade magazines.

As long as search exists, SEO will exist. And youve all been tweeting all night long, so Twitter isnt dead. Its not that these format are dying, its just that its getting harder to take advantage, manipulate or game them. If youre lazily sending out press releases, not thinking through your tweets, over optimising your SEO, then youre going to lose. Youre dead.

This is where creativity comes in. The winners are those that put creativity into supposedly dead formats. You want to know what creativity is?

Robocop riding a unicorn. Thats creativity.

And by creativity, I also mean Hard Work. Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. The woman who drew that Robocop riding a unicorn has a whole series of them up on her Flickr page. This is her 5th or 6th attempt, so shes working hard to get that Robocop and unicorn just right.

So when you go back to the office tomorrow, and have to write a press release or an article or think of a new creative idea for a really boring client, dont be a zombie. Remember this instead.

Less zombies, more Robocop riding unicorns.