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I want to teach people how to bake cake!!!


  • How to bake cake

    Created by SUN Chi Rong (Ivan)

    From Shanghai Singapore International School

  • Introduction:

    When you eat cakes, you will be very happy and it is very sweet and

    delicious many people like it but it is very expensive. There is a very

    good way to solve it. We can bake the cake by ourselves. Baking cakes

    are not very hard because you just need the materials and know the steps

    of baking cakes then you will know how to bake cakes and you dont

    need to pay lots of money to pay it but not all people know how to bake

    cake. Right now I will show you how to bake cake and what you need

    before you start baking cake. Baking cakes are very fun.

    Apparatus or Materials:

    egg sugar

    flour vanilla

    salt cream of tartar

  • Step of baking cake

    1. Mix the flour with the sugar and keep it.


    2. In a separate bowl, you need to separate egg yolk and white. When you bake cake, you just need egg white.

    3. Next you need to blend the egg whites use the very high speed.

  • Step of baking cake

    4. In this bowl you need add tea spoon of cream of tartar and salt.

    + +

    5. Keep beating it on 3-4 minutes with a very high speed.

    6. After beating for 3-4 minutes, you have to add the remaining sugar and vanilla. Remember to keep blending this mixture when you are adding sugar. This shall help the sugar to mix well in the cake mixture.

  • Step of baking cake

    7. You have to now add this mixture to your other bowl where you have mixed flour and sugar (refer to step 1).



    8. Put your mixture in the cake pan. Then put it in the oven. And make the temperature at 3500C waiting for 25 or 30 minutes.

    9. Next take out the take and design your cake like put the cream and

    fruit or chocolate that you like.

  • Thank you for reading my