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How to Bake a Cake to Bake a CakeCakes are one of the oldest forms of desserts and also the most popular one.

It has become a part of our tradition to have a slice of cake after a meal. Not only this, it has evolved and became a ritual in all our celebrations to cut a cake to display the happiness.

During the beginning of the cake, there was very little difference between cake and bread. The only difference being its shape and the way it was prepared.

Cakes were round and flat and were once turned upside-down while baking cakes and bread was not. to Bake a CakeBake a cake is not an easy task anymore. One needs to get the ingredients and their proportions right.

There are many articles online to understand the science behind how to bake a cake. to Bake a CakeThis article will give you an basic idea about how to bake a cake, and once you are confident about yourself, you can move on to the more advanced ones.

The key ingredients are eggs, flour, fat, and sugar. First let me start with explaining the part played by the different ingredients. to Bake a CakeThe most popular ratio for how to bake a cakeUse equal amounts of flour and sugar in terms of weights. The volumes of the two differ as per their densities, which means using the general cup measurements will not suffice. to Bake a CakeUse equal amounts of eggs and fat following the same principle of equal weights.

There is a problem. The whites and yolks of eggs are in improper proportions; the whites are in larger quantity. This is an issue because the whites tend to dry the cake, and the yolk gives the texture.

To achieve a balance between these two elements, the amounts of whites and yolks must be balanced. So egg yolks have to be added in extra. to Bake a CakeBy observation, youll find that the liquid part is lower than the sugar.

So to balance this, add some milk or buttermilk. to Bake a CakeBaking powder and baking soda are also very important.

Improper amounts of baking powder will leave the cake dense.

General rule is to add one teaspoon of baking powder for 1 cup of flour.

To balance the acidic nature of baking powder add 1/4thteaspoon of baking soda for every cup of flour. These also add to the taste of the cake. to Bake a CakeBut the art of baking perfect cakes takes a lot of time,

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