How to articulate your business idea in 5 steps

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Basic pitch building strategy. Build confidence and sharpen your pitch using this framework


<ul><li> 1. The 5 Step Method of How To Articulate Your Business Idea These 5 steps will help you get MORE clarity, build your confidence and build a winning pitch. </li> <li> 2. 1) Write Answer the questions (att.) in one succinct paragraph of no more than 50 words for each question. 2) Refine Rewrite the responses reducing the word count to more than 40 words 3) Test Share the idea with friends and family [this is more to let you hear yourself say it out loud than to get business advice. DO NOT DEFEND THE IDEA, just listen, smile and thank them for their input (positive or negative) 4) Repeat Repeat the test step a few times to build your confidence until youre ready to do it in front of new people 5) Write a more comprehensive business plan using a template based upon who you are writing the plan for. </li> <li> 3. Question Leader Focus Client/Customer Focus WHAT? - Specific Is your idea? Problem(s) does it solve? WHY? - Emotive Is it important to you? Hasnt it been addressed the way you propose before now? WHO? - Personal Are YOU? And whats your expertise / insight in this area Specifically, will buy what you are selling (Describe them) WHEN? - Present Do you plan to start? How soon after purchasing the product/service will the customer realise/experience the benefit WHERE? - Relevant Will you operate the business? Will the service be purchased and/or delivered? HOW? - Logical Will you fund the business? Will the customer quantify the benefit? How to begin to articulate your business idea </li> </ul>


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