How to apply shampoo and hair conditioner

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<p>How to Apply Shampoo and Hair Conditioner</p> <p>How to Apply Shampoo and Hair Conditioner -#HowtoShampooYourHair #HowtoConditionYourHair#WaystoApplyConditionertoYourHair#Howtoapplyhairconditioner#Howtoapplyshampoo</p> <p>#HowtoWashYourHair#HairCaretips#Hairtreatment#hairwash#haircaretipsHair wash? Whats new about it? We have been doing it ever since we were a toddler. But are you washing your hair in the right way? Are you using the right technique for hair wash? You canbook hair wash servicesat salon and parlorto get a hair wash treatment. But knowing the right way to wash your hairs can always come as a handy tip. So here we bring the right technique to wash your hairs.</p> <p>Rinse: - We should wet our hairs before applying shampoo. We can use warm water for pre-shampoo rinse. It will open up the hair cuticle as when our hair cuticle is open we can easily remove dirt and oil from our hairs.</p> <p>Lather: - After giving a pre-shampoo rinse to your hairs take out the required amount of shampoo from your shampoo bottle and lather up, but only at the scalp. You can apply the shampoo at the end of the hairs, but dont need to lather. Reason being the hair near the scalp is oilier than hairs at the ends.</p> <p>Dont Rinse and Repeat: - Never wash your hair twice. Excessive hair wash can strip the natural oils from your hair. This can lead to hair dryness and frizz. </p> <p>But if you feel your hairs are really dirty and one wash is not enough. Then you can re-wash your hairs.</p> <p>Conditioning: - Conditioning your hair right after the shampoo is quite beneficial. After washing off the shampoo, squeeze your hair to take put excess water. Then put some conditioner on the mid-length to the tips of the hairs. Now you should leave conditioner in your hairs for at least 5 minutes.</p> <p>Final Rinse: -After leaving your hairs with conditioner on it. You should rinse it off after 5 minutes specifically with cold water. Cold water will close the cuticle and seal the outer layer.</p>