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a tutorial on how to apply nail polish


  • 1. This tutorial will give you simple instructions on how to get a smooth glossy finish to your nails when applying nail polish. TIP: keep hands dry for at least an hour before trying this tutorial.

2. Keep everything that is used in this tutorial away from children, as some of the products you will be using can be extremely harmful to young children if swallowed. Do not get too close to your hands or the products when using them as they can be harmful if you smell them at a close range. Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover. Acetone is a clear, harsh-smelling and highly flammable liquid. Small amounts of acetone can be broken down by the liver without any adverse effects, moderate and large doses of the solvent can be harmful. 3. 1x buffing block 1x brush (e.g. soft make up brush) Nail polish of your choice 1x clear nail polish (top coat) 1x bag of cotton balls (ear cleaners work as well, even tissues) 1x bottle of nail polish remover. 4. Buff nails with a buffing block like the one shown in the picture. Using the buffing block, buff your nails until the natural shine your nails have has faded. TIP: If you have long nails now is the time to shape them. 5. Brush off all the dust that is left on your nails with a soft brush. This step will help eliminate any risk of lumps developing when painting your nails. 6. Choose your desired colour of nail polish. I will be using black. 7. Now is the time to paint your nails. First of all apply an even layer of nail polish, to apply an even layer stroke the brush up from the bottom of your nail bed, now wait for the first layer to dry. Once the first layer is dry apply a second layer and wait for it to dry. You may apply as many layers as you wish, but keep in mind you need to allow drying time between each layer. TIP: if you have a small desk fan use it to speed up the drying time by placing your hand in front of it. Layer 1. Brushing up from nail bed Layer 2. 8. Once all layers are completely dry you will need to apply two coats of clear nail polish (top coat), but keeping in mind to let each layer dry completely before applying another. 9. Once the top coat is dry its time to clean around your nails where you may have gone onto your skin. This is simply done by putting a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton ball (or ear cleaner) than gently rub off the nail polish on your skin 10. Wash hands in warm soapy water than dry them with a soft towel.