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How to apply Islamic wall art

How to apply Islamic wall artA very easy to follow instruction

By JR Decal

PreparationYou will need few things to start.Pencil to mark the placeDry cloth to clean the surfaceMasking tape to stick the wall sticker temporarily (Optional)Scissor (Optional)ID card/Bank Card or a plastic Squeegee

Step 01Step 01:Clean the surface with a dry cloth. Then mark the desired place

Step 02Place the wall sticker on a plain table or hard surface then smooth out the backing paper using ID card/bank card or plastic squeegee, so that no bubble left.

Step 03Stick the wall sticker on the desired place using masking tape

Step 04Carefully remove the backing paper at the flat angel to ensure that the decal remains adhere to the application tape

Step 05Cut half of the backing paper .Then affix the decal to the desired location with the adhesive side facing the surface

Step 06Smooth out the application tape using plastic squeegee or card, make sure the sticker is properly applied to the surface

Step 07repeat step 03 to 06 for the rest of the sticker.

Step 08Carefully peel off the application tape from the upper right corner at the flat angle. Peel completely. If any part is not affixed to the wall properly, press them using the squeegee.

Step 09Done! See your wall now.

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