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  • 1. How Much Does a Live Band for Wedding costs? Wedding band is one of the fads in celebrating the most auspicious celebration for the bride and groom. Music sets the tone, add entertainment and can make or break your special day. This is the reason deciding on your wedding band must not be done lightly. But as there are many things to buy and to pay for your wedding thinking how much they really cost matters. You have to determine how much will be the allotted budget for the band. But to make your choice easier, you must first pick the kind of music that you want tohave.Upon closing what type of music you want to linger on your D-day, you can now pick the group that willbe performing for your special celebration. Cover bands are the most popular choice for weddings as theycan play assorted kinds of music. There are also big bands, jazz and swing bands.To know how much you can spend for the wedding band depend entirely on several factors. The expertise of the group will be the top factor. Aside from that, the popularity, their experience in performing and the number of band group can also influence in their tag price. The day of your wedding. During peak wedding seasons, expect higher rates than the normal days.How much?On an average, the typical cost of a wedding band ranges from $2,000 and $5,000 and up. For an averageperformance of a four to five member group, price will be around $2,000. Big band that has around 6 to10 members costs about $2,500 while small bands usually charges $1,150.Price of Live Band for Wedding also depends on the time and date of the marriage event. Large citiesusually have more bands where you can choose varieties of price options suited for your budget. Duringpeak season, expect higher price when hiring them.Whats inclusive?The amount you pay for them includes the total actual playing time. They must also incorporate all themusic accessories and accompaniments they need for their show such as musical instruments, musicstands and sheet music copies.
  • 2. In most of the celebrations, the lead vocalist can also emcee for the program. This calls for a need ofloudspeaker and microphone. Bear in mind that as part of their contract, they are requiring 5 to 15 minutebreak in between sets every hour.Is there any additional charges?In some cases that you need to hire them beyond their required play, you have to pay them an overtimefee that could range in between $450 to $750 based on their hourly rate. Some groups may also chargehigher than their hourly rate. To avoid the hassle of paying too much, wedding planner experts advise tobook extra hour in advance. For computing for your meal and drinks, make sure to include them in your headcount. As part ofcourtesy, you must include them for the drinks and meals that you are providing. Another added cost thatyou may be incurring is Wedding Entertainment lighting or backdrop. Make sure these things are clearto avoid problems when clearing your payment.Mylive Entertainment is a distinguished KL Wedding Live Band offering extraordinary performanceand entertainment in private as well as corporate functions since 2008. The Wedding Entertainmentband is built with multi-talented team of performers, who can make any occasion more unforgettable.They specialize in performing pop, ballads, oldies and modern jazz music. They are also offering PAsystem and technical solutions that can make your big day more special. For booking or for moreinformation please visit