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How Much Do You Know About. Parliamentary Procedure?. Begin!. Created by: Sam Paschal. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How Much Do You Know About

How Much Do You Know AboutParliamentary Procedure?Created by: Sam PaschalBegin!Officer Positions ReviewEach officer has his or her own responsibilities to maintain. The president must preside over meetings, appoint committees, and maintain a good rapport with the public. The advisor must guide the chapter and oversee all activities. The secretary must maintain a record of all minutes and work with the president when necessary. The vice president must be able to take over in the absence of the president.Try Again!

Congratulations! You passed the quiz! You have helped me out so much! Now I can go to my next meeting and present my idea successfully! Thanks!

ReferencesReferencesRoberts Rules of Order Newly Revised easy to see why Roberts Rules of Order is used to maintain order in the meeting room. Do you know what inspired Roberts Rules of Order?A. American GovernmentB. British ParliamentC. FFA Meetings

Refer to a CommitteeReferring a motion to a committee allows a small group of people to focus on an idea and gather more information that can be presented to the group.

Example: I move to refer this motion to a committee of 3 appointed by the chair.Division of AssemblyAmendAdvisorThe advisor supervises the chapter activities year round, talks to prospective students and parents, instructs students in leadership and personal development, and encourages involvement from all members.Try the question again!Reporter