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Going in for my annual physical last year, my doctor told me what I didn't want to hear. Yet I listened, got disciplined, and lost the weight. Here's an overview of how I did it. You can do it, too.


  • 1. I've lost 22 pounds so far this year.!!!!!!!!!!!Here's how I did it:

2. Last December I went to my doctor for my annual physical.!He gave me the talk every adult dreads: "Lose the weight, or else."!Then he showed me this chart: April 2008 (before Hannah arrived): 227 pounds September 2011: 232 pounds December 2012: 237 pounds, and December 2013: 243 pounds 3. Indeed - over the years, it'd piled on. 4. Perhaps providing some consolation,most Americans struggle with this. After all, our way of lifeis designed to keep us sitting and eating food that isnt goodfor us. Staying lean is a huge challenge these days. 5. Alarming, and no doubt my doctor was right. Yet I wondered, howhad it crept up on me? And what would I need to change?!After all, I ate most of the right things and few of the wrong things.I went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, just as I hadmost of my adult life - lifting weights regularly anddoing at least 4 hours of cardio a week.!Heck, I even had a stint as social marketing manager at Weight Watchersback in 2010, where I learned all sorts of things about losing weight- and keeping it off. (Its worth noting that, thanks to all those hourschained to the office desk and sitting in meetings,I managed to gain weight during my tenure there!) 6. After the New Year, I vowed, Id get serious and drop the weight.Not before topping out at 247 - just 3 shy of 250 pounds!!My body - while always big and tall - simply wasnt built to carry thatkind of weight around. I had to change, or face the consequences. 7. My doctor advised me to:1. Get and use a calorie-tracking app for my phone, &2. Snack on popcorn when I get hungry at night.!That advice alone would have gotten me halfway there..!I took his advice on the popcorn but thought trackingmy calorie consumption on the app was silly. 8. After a few months of putting it off, I started tracking everything I ate.!While a bit time-consuming, it kept me accountable.I quickly noticed patterns in my eating, and the relativesatisfaction I got from different foods I tended to eat.!Looking at the calories certain foods had, very quickly, bread all butdisappeared from my diet. Then large meat servings. And then I realizedI could eat as many vegetables as I want to fill hunger gaps,as veggies are high volume foods, with few calories.Onions became my friend, as did mushrooms,frozen veggies and baby carrots. 9. Fat vs. Carbs vs. Protein intake, from June to August After two months of tracking, the ratios didn't change much. Only that all 3trended down, and I ate notably less protein, which surprised me. Less meat andmore beans, perhaps? 10. !!!!Lose It! app screens Tracking everything I ate in "Lose It! made it easy to identify whatI could cut without sacrificing nutrition and flavor. In the examplebelow, tortillas add lots of calories but not much else. 11. !!!!!!!!!!Calories consumed Over time, consumption dropped from an average of 3,200to 2,500 calories per day. 12. Moves app screens!!!! I track my daily activity in the Moves app, and then add itmanually in greater detail against my food intake in "Lose It! 13. Lose It! app screens!!!!!! Adding the activity captured through the Moves app into LoseIt! enables me to track the approximate number of calories I burn, andthen compares against food intake to also track net calories. 14. !!!!Not all exercise burns calories equally. For my body size,heres about how many calories I burn in an hour with each:!Running: 1,265 calories. When the opportunity presents itself, I run and enjoy it - for about 10 minutes. Andthen I get bored. And I feel like it puts wear and tear on my knees. So I rarely do it.Cycling: 964 calories. Ive always enjoyed riding a bike. On a weekend morning, its hard to top.Elliptical training: 750 calories. While I believe elliptical trainers have few real benefits compared to other full-bodyexercises, they do burn calories. And I can take my iPad with me and work while Im at it.Or read. Or watch TV. Indoors, when its warm and its cold outside.Walking & Hiking: 268 & 536 calories, respectively. I enjoy walking - especially hiking - and I find it essential to get my brain hummingabout work and sorting through issues. Yet it doesnt burn enough to lose weight.Weight training: 536 calories. Essential, yet I rarely lift for more than a half hour at a time.Yard work & house cleaning: 300 & 246 calories, respectively. With the house and 3 girls to look after, theres no shortage to do here. 15. !!!!!!!!!!Calories burned Calories burned through activity and exercise remainedconsistent, at about 1,400 per day. 16. Net calories = consumed - burned!!!!!!!!!! And here's the reason my weight dropped - the hardestbalance, overall net calories consumed decreased from about1,500 to 1,400 per day. 17. Heres my weight drop, from June to October!!!!!!!!!! Sticking to the goal and making subtle improvements,weight dropped - from 237 in June to 225 by Halloween. 18. The difference between staying where you are and hittingtough goals is the little changes, the extra inches,the disciplined decisions made every day.!You can't do it with exercise alone; it's what you eat,and how much you eat.!If I could boil down what I learned to a few points,it would look something like this: 19. 1. Move as much as possible.Some movements burn more calories than others, but activity is key.!Im at my best when I have 4+ hours of activity a day. While low for ourgrandparents (they did physical work), its difficult to find time to be active -now that were chained to our desks, driving our cars, or plugged in to screens.Its been said that sitting is this generations smoking, and I believe it. 20. 2. Cook your own food.Eat the things you value, eliminate the rest, and fill upon seasoned veggies - not nutrition-free junk.!This is a tough one for many of us. Im fortunate to work from home mostdays, so I have control over what I eat. Cooking burns up a lot of my time, butIve saved thousands of dollars, eat better than ever, have become a muchbetter cook, and Ive come to enjoy it. And Im much healthier for it. 21. 3. Dont eat bread, and dont eat processed food.!As a rule, its best to avoid white food (refined sugar, bread, flour, rice, etc. -though I still eat dairy). Processed food is bad. If you havent yet,watch Fed Up, Food, Inc., Super Size Me, etc Whenever possible,avoid the stuff, as itll slowly kill you. 22. 4. Track your calories and activity with mobile apps. I useMoves and Lose It!, but there are many others.!Ive tracked my physical activity for nearly a year now. I enjoy it.I find it keeps me accountable. Yet I only tracked my food intake for about 3months. Once the habits were set, I found that it seemed redundant to keeptracking itunless my weight swings back upward, or my efforts plateau. 23. 5. Figure out what works for you, and stay at it.Its a lifestyle change, and in time youll realize thatyou feel better about yourself, you have more energy, andthat you crave nutrition over junk.!I went to a fast food restaurant with my girls a few weeks ago,ingested ~800 calories of brown food, and walked out hungry..The experience made me never want to go back again. 24. 6. Keep looking ahead. Have goals that matter to you,and keep figuring out how you'll achieve them. 25. To sum up - in order to lose weight, keep it off &stay healthy:1. Move as much as possible.2. Cook your own food.3. Avoid bread and processed foods.4. Track your calories and activity with mobile apps.5. Figure out what works for you, and stay at it.6. Keep looking ahead. 26. My next goal?!!!!!!!!Quantitatively: 210 pounds. Might as well get as much of it off as I can.I'm down 22 in 2014. What's 15 more in 2015?!Qualitatively: to keep finding new places to hike, ride my bike, andtry new things to keep physically and mentally fit. 27. Thanks for listening.!These are only highlights, and I tried to summarize.If you have any questions on specific techniques Ive used,please comment here or message!SlideShare | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |Blog | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest