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Given at VCCS IST Peer Group 2014


  • 1. MAY CONTAIN CONTENTINAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDRENprofessorsHow I Gamified my Classroomprofmikegreene, VCCS IT Peer Group 2014

2. Michael (443) 595-7763 3. 4. Who is a gamer?59% of Americans31 Average Age42% Female 5. What is gamification?Using the design elements or mechanicsof games in a non-game context.(our classrooms) 6. Teaching with gamesUsing games to teachconcepts abstractly 7. Things games do wellFlow & Progression 8. MihalyCsikszentmihalyi 9. Things games do wellEngagement 10. Things games do wellCollaborationCompetitionCommand 11. Things games do wellFeedback 12. Things games do wellCritical Thinking 13. Game Mechanics 14. Progression MechanicsA dynamic in which success is granularlydisplayed and measured through theprocess of completing itemized tasks. 15. Progression MechanicsLevels: Ramp up and unlock content 16. Progression MechanicsPoints: Increase the running numericalvalue of your work. 17. Investment Mechanicsor Behavioral Momentum is the tendencyof players to keep doing what they havebeen doing. 18. Investment MechanicsAchievements: Earn public recognition for completion. 19. Investment MechanicsAppointments: Check in to receive new challenges. 20. Investment MechanicsCollaboration: Work with others to accomplish goals. 21. Investment MechanicsVirality: Be incentivized to involve others. 22. Investment MechanicsSynthesis: Work on challenges that requiremultiple skills to solve. 23. Feedback MechanicsInformation should be released in theminimum possible snippets to gain theappropriate level of understanding at eachpoint during a game. 24. Feedback MechanicsDiscovery: Uncover pockets of knowledge. 25. Feedback MechanicsInfinite Play: Learn until you become an expert 26. Feedback MechanicsBonuses: Receive rewards. 27. Feedback MechanicsCountdown: Tackle challenges in a limitedamount of time. 28. Feedback MechanicsLoss Aversion: Play to avoid losing what youhave gained. 29. My Gamified ClassroomITE 119: The RPGThe Game Manual 30. My Gamified ClassroomEXP and Inverted grading 31. My Gamified ClassroomInfinity Play, kind of 32. My Gamified ClassroomAchievements and Bonuses 33. My Gamified ClassroomLive Demo 34. What the students say 35. What the students sayI would remove the gamemechanics. It makes the classconfusing. Have lectures inclass instead of on youtube. 36. What the students sayI think its fine/good/great.The terminology was confusing atfirst but I got the hang of it and Iam used to it now. 37. What the students sayI like the game mechanics andwould not change a thingbecause it is creative andencourages me to do my work. 38. The journey thus farAny automated grading reduces expectedtime on all gradingConfirmed nothing replaces good pedagogyChange is hard, planning is necessary 39. Moving ForwardHave 2 translations of my courseMOAR Gear ChecksLeaderboardsAppointmentsTeach with gamesGraphic Design 40. 41. Michael (443) 595-7763