how do you think about your thinking? 9 strategies

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1. #1 USE WASTED TIME1.) At the end of your day, sit down and review the choices that you made throughout that day and figure out what thoughts went into those decisions. If there are things that could have been done differently, use the "wasted" time to think of new ideas and strategies to accomplish goals and/or resolve issues differently, next time. 2. #2 A PROBLEM A DAY2.) Choose THE most important issue that is heavy on your mind, first, and then leave the less important problems to solve themselves. 3. INTERNALIZE INTELLECTUAL STANDARDS3.) Each week, develop your awareness and understanding of one of the (8) eight Intellectual Standards:ClarityPrecisionAccuracyRelevanceDepthBreadthLogicalnessSignificance 4. KEEP AN INTELLECTUAL JOURNAL4.) Keep a log of important situations and your responses to them ant the outcome. Then analyze the issues to assess what you learned and how you will handle similar situations in the future. 5. RESHAPE YOUR CHARACTER5.) Be able to admit when you are wrong and/or notice when you become unnecessarily defensive and whether you are open-minded enough, to learn from your mistakes. 6. DEAL WITH YOUR EGOCENTRISM6.) Egos are on fire all over the Universe like well- placed landmines. So watch your step, your ego is no better than the next ego! Mike Tyson once said:Your ego will offend my ego.Pretty clever and funny, right? 7. REDEFINE THE WAY YOU SEE THINGS7.) To keep your viewpoints fresh and adaptable, try looking out of a different mental window for new inspiration and to see things differently. 8. GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR EMOTIONS8.) Untie your emotions from issues so that you can deal with issues, using a clear mind, sans emotional drama. 9. ANALYZE YOUR GROUP INFLUENCES9.) Are the people in your life encouraging or discouraging?


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