How do you spend your day ?

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How do you spend your time ?Simple presentStatements Negative formQuestions (do\does - wh)What is Simple present?Use the Simple Present to express the idea that an action is repeated or usual. The action can be a habit, a hobby, a daily event, a scheduled event or something that often happens. It can also be something a person often forgets or usually does not doStatements in simple presentwith singular s.(He,She,It,Ahmed,Sara, car,lion)with plural s.(You,They,We,I,students,classes,animals)Statements in simple presentwith subjects (He,She,It). subject+verb(+s)+objectHe drinks milk every morning.John reads the newspaper early.She draws flowers every where. Emma writes a lot of messages.The dog runs all around the neighborhood.It barks loudly.Statements in simple presentwith subjects (They,We,You,I).subject+verb+objectThey watch the t.v. every day.I go to the gym on sundays.The animals drink from the lake.We pray five times a day.You walk quickly.Sam and his brother collect the seashells Negative form DODoes ItSheHein negative and question case you have to find the suitable helping verb singular negationS.+Does(not)+v. He drinks milk every morning.He does not drink milk every morning.singular negationS.+Does(not)+v. John reads the newspaper early.John does not read the newspaper early.plural negationS.+Do(not)+v.They watch the t.v. every day.They do not watch t.v. every day.plural negationS.+Do(not)+v.I go to the gym on sundays.I do not go to the gym on sundays.plural negationS.+Do(not)+v.You walk quickly.You do not walk quickly.How to form questions ?Questions start with do\ does He drinks milk every morning.Does he drink milk every morning ?Yes, he does.No, he does not.John reads the newspaper early.Does John read the newspaper early ?Yes, he does No, he does not She draws flowers everywhere. Does she draw flowers everywhere ?Yes, she does.No, she doesntDo they watch t.v. everyday ?Yes,they doNo, they do not The animals drink from the lake.Do the animals drink from the lake ?Yes, they do No, they dontYou walk quickly.Do you walk quickly ?Yes, I do No, I do not Questions start withWh-wordswh-word+helping v.+s.+the rest of the sentenceHe drinks milk every morning.When does he drink milk ?He drinks milk every morning.She draws flowers everywhere. Where does she draw flowers ?She draws flowers everywhereYou walk quickly.How do you walk ?I walk quickly Sam and his brother collect the seashells What do sam and his brother collect ?They collect the seashells


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