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I made this presentation for the students of The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE).


  • 1. How ...Do you know ... Aleksandra Gavrilovska2012-04-02

2. How to open apresentation Get in touch with the audience tell a joke 30 sec 3. Do you know me? Senior software developer at Netcetera iOS applications not a geek, not a hipster passionate about life 4. Sharing is caring 5. Do you know how manywe are? In 2011 USA - 1336300 UK - 333000 Canada - 387000 Japan - 1016929source: 6. Do you know that ... in 2012 you still have to do backup? Codebase for a project is typically storedin a source control repository CVS, SVN GIT 7. Do you know thatYou have to read books? 8. How to use commandline tools? Software development tools are packed in the form of IDEs Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, xCode Easy to use The programmer is not thinking in details about the build process It is a magic: click a button and an executable will appear in the project folderWrite your own make le 9. 10. How fast is mobile internet growing? 11. Do you know the top smartphone OS in 2011?Worldwide smartphone market, by OS 12. Mobile applications 300000 + application on the market 1 of 4 is used only once 29 billion + apps downloaded average price is falling $7.3 billion revenue in 2011 $36.7 billion revenue in 2015 13. Source: Nielsen 14. Mobile payment Japan Sony s contactlesssmart cardtechnology FeliCa 15. Do you know what NFC is? Near eld communication set of standards for smartphones andsimilar devices to establish radiocommunication with each other bytouching them together or bringing theminto close proximity, usually no more thana few centimeters 16. How NFC can be used? NFC devices can be used in contactless payment systems : MasterCard PayPass transactions 17. How NFC can be used? Due to short transmission range, NFC-based transactions are possibly secure Instant payments and coupon delivery using your handset, as we do with your credit card or debit card Exchange of information such as schedules, maps, business card and coupon delivery in a few hundred milliseconds Pay for items just by waving your phone over the NFC capable devices Transferring images, posters for displaying and printing 18. Do you know thatsmartphones can get malware? 2,500 different types of mobile malware in 2010 only 4% of tablets and smartphones shipped in 2010 had security software installed Android is most susceptible to accelerating malware Fake installers - paying for pirated versions of apps that are free Spyware and SMS Trojans smart-phone-malware-six-worst-offenders-125248 19. 20. How to use Facebook Connect Over 425 million users access Facebookfrom a mobile device every month.Facebook Platform lets you bring theseusers and their friends to your mobile apps,creating a more engaging and personalizedexperience for your users 21. How to use Facebook Connect iOS Native Apps Android Native Apps Single sign-on 22. Facebook Zodiac 23. Facebook Zodiac 24. Do you know what Social Login is? 25. EASTERN EUROPEAN MOBILE MONDAYBucharest, Romania 26. Do you know whatAugmented Reality is? augment to increase in size or number to add to reality Use technology to add to our reality 27. Do you know whatAugmented Reality is? Any technology that lets you view digitalinformation within a useful context in thereal world Viewing rst-down and offsides lines whilewatching sports on television is a very basicform of augmented reality 28. What do we need Three components Camera or display that will bring thereality Added information Software or system to bring all together 29. 30. Layar: The Company World s largest mobile augmented realityplatform Android, iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry,Windows 7 devices More than 10M installs 9000 developer 2500 layers 31. Layar Vision: Get more Location-based layers ARout of nd nearby locations, including cafs,shops and other businesses, as well ashistorical locations and monuments With other layers users can play games within their environment browse for clothes in a 360-degreevirtual shop view artwork placed digitally into the realworld 32. Layar Vision: Get moreout of AR enables the creation of layers andapplications that recognize real worldobjects and display digital experiences ontop of them visual triggers, like magazines, posters andnewspapers 33. 34. How it works - developer Developer uploads reference images of the objects to be recognized, via the Layar Publishing Site Each reference image will get a unique ID When developing a layer, the developer can use these IDs to create the desired AR experience, by associating augments to the reference image IDs Each image is analyzed for its unique ngerprint which is uploaded to the client with the layer with the layer 35. How it works - user When a user opens a Layar Vision layer, theimage ngerprints corresponding to thereference image IDs for that layer will be loadedto the client The user can receive hints about augmentedobjects (congurable by the developer) When an object is detected and tracked, theassociated augment is fetched from the serverand rendered on top of the object 36. Enable Layar Vision 37. Making Layers Do it yourself Become a Developer Wiki or Support from Layar Use Layar Creation Tools buildAR, Poistr, Poiz, VISAR, PorPOIse Hire a Layar Developer 38. I spend most of my time studying newtechnologies. My main task is tounderstand whats going on and try tosee where we can t in. Carlos Slim 39. Thank You.Questions?