How do you deliver your applications to the cloud?

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  • Presented by: How do you deliver your application workloads to the cloud? 10 Sept 2015

    Michael D. Elder Senior Technical Staff Member @mdelder

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    The age of the customer

    demands faster software delivery

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    Deploying to different infrastructures in Dev and Production further slows down application delivery

    My application is working on Amazon and I am using a LAMP stack with RHEL why cant you make it work on private cloud

    I have LAMP stack with RHEL for the on-prem environment it isnt working! How did you configure network and load balancers?

    Development team Operations team

    Both: Why cant we build out environments consistently across different clouds

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    Achieving Continuous Delivery on Cloud

    Infrastructure as a Service

    Combination of base virtual machines and automation to achieve consistency

    Spectrum: Deploy as minimal image + complete automation or snapshot built image

    Container-based Deployments

    Neither true IaaS or PaaS Offers unique value to

    standardize key parts of your architecture

    Easy to build and deploy May require a different

    architecture and deployment approach than youre used

    Platform as a Service

    Platform provides simple deployment methods and consistency across environments

    Extensible for various application runtimes

    PureApplication System and

    OpenStack + Heat

    Docker PureApplication System and Cloud Foundry

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    Intuitive and Scalable Model Driven Deployment

    Composite Applications


    Re-usable Workflows Environment Management



    The What

    The How

    The Where

    Deployment Automation

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    Faster and more consistent application environment deployments

    IBM Confidential

    Developers/ Testers


    Specialists Compute, Network,

    and Storage





    Middleware Config


    OS Config

    Hardware Envi





    t Design Deploy

    Long, complex lifecycle with manual steps!

    Small iterative changes!! !

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    Rapidly deploy application environments in 3 simple steps

    Provide portability across heterogeneous virtual datacenter, private and public clouds

    3. Portable across different virtualized infrastructure

    Assemble mul8-8er applica8on environments and define auto-scaling policies to meet opera8onal needs.

    2. Assemble mul9-9er and scalable environment blueprints

    1. Create stacks

    Load Balancer

    Web Servers

    App Servers

    Database Servers


    Describe full stack environments using infrastructure building blocks like Images, Middleware scripts, and Applica8on code

    VMware vCenter

    Private Public Virtual Datacenter


    Middleware Config


    OS Config

    Hardware Envi







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    Hybrid Cloud Deployments through a Single Point of Control

    IBM Bluemix

    Cloud Foundry

    On-prem IaaS

    On-prem Traditional IT

    IBM Cloud Orchestrator IBM PureApplica9on System

    Manage application deployment across dev, test, and production spanning multiple clouds

    Key Points: Enable full stack deployments (OS, patterns and

    applications) across hybrid cloud applications Establish common toolchain framework with

    plug points to support continuous delivery

    Virtual Machines

    Docker Containers

    Other Vendors UrbanCode Deploy

    UrbanCode Release

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    SCREENCAP: Designer & Palette

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    Infrastructure as a Service with OpenStack is the first step IBM Bluemix is delivering the services

    and capabilities you need to build applications that inspire users even faster

    IBM Bluemix goes beyond Infrastructure as a Service to provide Platform as a Service runtimes and middleware services as well as Containers

    Incorporate novel services like analytics or services for mobile and payment capabilities into your app quickly to speed your innovations to the market IBM Bluemix

  • IBM Containers based on Docker in IBM Bluemix

    Docker Value IBM Value-add Customer Value

    Automate Docker builds Manage and distribute

    Docker images in private image registries

    Easily host containers in the cloud

    Scale and auto-recovery Logging and monitoring

    Dedicated Local Shared



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    Intuitive scalable model-driven deployment automation

    Composite Applications


    Re-usable Workflows Environment Management



    The What

    The How

    The Where

    Deployment Automation

    Images from image registry

    Deploy containers from image component

    Deploy to docker hosts or IBM Container Service

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    Continuous Delivery and Containers

    IBM Container Image Build Service

    IBM Bluemix Image Registry

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    Dev/Test with Hybrid Cloud







    Image Registry

    IBM UrbanCode Deploy PROD STAGING

    Delivery Pipeline

    IBM Bluemix

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    Supporting Hybrid Cloud with IBM Cloud services

    IBM UrbanCode Deploy

    Node.js, Java,

    Front-End Mid-Tier Backend

    Mobile Quality Assurance

    Monitoring and Analytics

    Cloud Integration Track and Plan

    IBM Bluemix

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    In hybrid environments Traditional IT and Cloud will come together to lower cost in the data center & innovate in the digital channels.

    Cost reduction plays Building your private cloud IaaS

    Rapid provisioning Enabling DevOps

    Source capacity from the public cloud Compute Storage

    Innovation plays Building systems of engagement apps

    Mobile Social

    Internet of Things

    Shared Off-Premise Cloud

    Dedicated On-Premise Cloud

    Traditional IT Dedicated Off-Premise Cloud

    Cloud Enablement

    Cloud Adoption

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    Development and test off-prem with production on Dedicated Cloud or physical infrastructure in on-prem datacenters

    On-Prem Off-Prem

    Prod Stage Test Dev

    Scenario One: Dev and Test Off-Premise

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    App dynamically bursts to off-prem clouds when on-prem approaches capacity limits

    App A App A

    burst to cloud

    On-Prem Off-Prem

    Scenario Two: Cloud for Burst Capacity

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    Systems of Record applications are on-prem on mainframes or distributed systems and Systems of Engagement applications are off-premise in Dedicated Private or Shared Public clouds

    App A App B

    On-Prem Off-Prem

    Scenario Three: Cloud Front-End

  • 23

    On-Prem Off-Prem

    App A

    App B

    App C

    App A

    App B

    App C

    Scenario Four: Portable Workloads

    Application and data are portable across on-prem infrastructure and off-premise clouds

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