How Do I Start my own online business?|3 easy steps to start an online business

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DESCRIPTION Ever wanted to know how to start your own online home based business?In this presentation,i show the 3 simple steps that answer the question "How can i start my own online business?"And as a proof this works,you will make a 1000 bucks in 30 days or i'll send you $500! If you ever wanted to start your own home business from the internet then this will come in handy for you.It will show you in 3 simple steps how to make a killing from your home business with just 3 simple steps and show you the blueprint to making lots,and lots of money online. Following this simple 3 step system made a homeless man make more that $350,000 last month all completely on the internet.They have been proven and tested to work. At the end of this you will never ask the question "How do i start my own online business" because you will be able to start an online business finally and at the same time not go broke because you will actually make money from it! This presentation was uploaded by Praise Odita from


  • 1. How in the world do i start My Own Online Business? Have you ever asked yourself that question before? On this presentation i'm going to show you

2. how you can start YOUR OWN online business and make at least a $1000 from it by the end of this month.... GUARANTEED! Sounds good? then read on! 3. Now as you read this,i want you to pay attention to my words and how you are guided by them... How they will show you what to do and how you will make a 4. decision to take action and do what i tell you to do at the end of this.... That's totally okay So to the deal of the day: how do i start 5. my own online business? The concept is simple just like ANY 'brick and mortar' business The first step is to study the market and see what they want 6. -what do the people who come online want?what do they desire? 2)Get a product that caters to that need You can either create the product or 7. leverage the work of others and promote someone else's product for a commission I highly recommend that you promote someone else's products as you start 8. out and i'll even show,as you read to the end of this,how you can start banking $1K,$3K And $5K Commissions selling someone else's products 9. 3)With that product,find a way to put your product in front of your target market - it's just like you having a shop but before you make any money,you need people to come into 10. that shop You also need people to come into your 'online shop' and buy This is the simplest way to start your own online business without any stress 11. But now you may probably be thinking, how do i go about all of these? Don't worry about that..what i'm going to do is that i'm going to show you how you 12. can start your own business following these 3 simple steps and make at least $1000 with it in 30 days Here's what's going to happen,there is a link i'm going to put 13. up here Go ahead,click on the link and you will be redirected to a page that will show you all these details and how your own business can be running and profiting within the 14. next 30 days... sGo on,click on that link,now! s