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  • How do I repair corrupted MP4 file? I recover the lost MP4 files after computer formatted, but I still can not access to the MP4 movies, how do I repair the corrupted MP4 file? ------- Annie Jones

  • Several situation will make the MP4 video file become corrupt: The video was going on when the computer shut down suddenly; The video file is not completely copied from other media; Some virus infect the computer and disorder the video inner program; When the corruption happen, to the piddling files you may delete them, but to the important data, repairing is the best choice.

  • To repair the corrupted MP4 file, you can ask some professional person to help you or do it by yourself.

    Then, how could we repair the corrupted MP4 files by ourself?

    You can recur to some media recovery software, like Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery ( ), which with easy interface and high-end disk scaning technology.

    Follow the 3 steps you can be an expert to repair broken and corrupt video files:

  • Step1: Download and install the Digital media Recovey software, and choose the drive to start the repairing which the corrupted MP4 files saved in.

  • Step2. Set MP4 as the files type to fix. The program will scaning the specified drive and list all the MP4 files, then, choose the MP4 file you wanna to repaired, and click next. 2. Choose the file type

  • Step3. Save the recovered MP4 files.Select destination location that you want to save your files. You can put them to your hard drive, or other portable devices, even burn them to CDs/DVDs. Choose the target files to repair

  • Till now, you have repaired the corrupted MP4 files by yourself. With the data recovery, it is easy to get it. But you need notice that: Never install the Recovery on the drive from which you want to recover data, also never save any data on the same drive from which you are recovering data. Burn to CD/DVD

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