How Did the Abyssinian Crisis Affected Prospects for Future Peace

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<p>The Abyssinian CrisisBy Matty and Luke</p> <p>IntroductionThe Abyssinian crisis happend between 1935-1936. It was about 2 countries Abyssinia and Italy. Italy started invading Abyssinia from all directions. So Abyssinia went to the league of nations for help but they didnt do anything.</p> <p>What was Britain and France's role in the crisis?Britian and France secretly agreed to give Abyssinia to Italy. They didnt really care whether it went to Italy or not. Mussolini'sdid'nt have much so they was happy to et them have it.</p> <p>What effect did the crisis have on the reputation of the League?This Crises put a bad reputation on the League and proved it pointless. It make the League look stuiped and let countries know not to rely on the league in the future. It made it look uneffective and other countries couldnt sette arrugments in a simple maner.</p> <p>Where was the Abyssinian Crisis?Abyssinia</p> <p>The Abyssinian Crisis happened in a small town along side Ethiopia called Abyssinia in 1935-1936.</p> <p>Why did Italy invade Abyssinia?Italy invaded Abyssinia for their land as their land was Fertile Rich in material wealth These are two reasons why Italian troops ettemted to invade but failed.</p> <p>How did the League respond to Italy's invasion?The league of Nations did respond to the Abyssinian Crisis and the invasion of Italy's on Abyssinia but was not very affective and Abyssinia thought that the League of Nations was slow to react not effective When it did occur is was half hearted This had a big affect on the the League of Nation as not only did Abyssinia think it was not a good effective thing to solve conflict but the whole world did and it lead to the out break of world war 2.</p> <p>What was the outcome of the Abyssinia Crisis?The outcome of the Abyssinia Crisis along side with the Manchurian Crisis lead to World War 2. As Abyssinia and manchurian Crisis was going on their was alot of conflict going of in the world which ontributed to the word war. With the league of Nations being unaffective there was no ensuring peace treaties therefore no one could solve conflict in a peace full manner and had to resort to fighting.</p>


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