How can you get here ? Why we use UC2 ? What ROI for UC2 ? How we do ourselves ? Agenda.

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Slide 1How can you get here ?Why we use UC2 ?What ROI for UC2 ?How we do ourselves ?Agenda3GWi MaxHigh speed BroadbandWeb ConfVoIPInstant MessagingCreating opportunity for business innovationTwo communication systems were disjointedUnified Communication and Collaboration (UC2)Instant messaging can reduce long distance calls by 30%, reduce e-mail usage by 40% and lead to a 15% reduction in voicemail usage.Have anyone heard statement about The new collaboration capabilities enable the development team to be more responsive and proactive in a rapidly changing environment and increases the speed-to-productionHave anyone heard statement about 1. Business Growth objectives:2. Expense Reduction: Improve customer service Reduce costs across the board Gain new market sharing Reduce travel expenses Trouble meeting for industry metrics Reduce sales and admin costsWhy we use UC2 ?We can decrease Reduction travel$3,304Avoid call waste$1,137Eliminate delay$1,005International call$246Admin cost$43Total$5,456We can increaseSales volume$115,909Speed project$95,000Speed process$12,880Speed operation$11,875Mobile users$7,813Total$243,477A Sample: Benefit per user per yearSource: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS REVIEW / JUNE 2007By Permission of Marty Parker, Principal Communication Perspectives 20071. Latency information2. Business Traveler3. Remote workers 5.3 h/week delay $9000/year cost 11 day/year travel $3,400/person for team meeting $1,488/year lack communication10% remote 7.8 h/mth lack communicationTotal 1,000 employees: Lost $13M/ year* Because people lost productivity and avoidable expense Siemens study - Key Findings: Why we use UC2 ?What ROI for UC2 ?Process optimizationPeople productivityCommunicationsCompetitive AdvantageAccess to informationTravelUC2 ROI elements is:Collaboration:Cost avoidance factors:ROIInstant Messaging Reduced phone usage Reduced e-mail usage Reduced pager usage Quick access to expertise Support mobile workers$1.3M/monthWeb Conference Reduced travel Support of mobile workers Productivity enhancements$8M/monthIBMs study ROI: Advance CollaborationCelina InsuranceSaved $650K in phone costs for 35,000 employees50% reduction in internal phone callsColgate-Palmolive$750K/year added to margins by reducing supply and order fulfillment disruptionsDaimlerPortal+Sametime gets new cars in market faster and saves costs 30% by centralizing information10% reducing travel costs for design meetings.How we do ourselves ?Unified Communication & Collaboration 100% ROI in less than a year? We'll show you how! 1: Input Your OrganizationStep 2: Input Travel CostsStep 3: Input IT CostsSave Travel Expense $300/weekIncrease productivity $120/weekTotal Benefit is $420/week/userDid you get choice yet ?Try your own IBM Sales people nearby you


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