how are leaders better than managers...???

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Leadership & Management

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Ability to lead

Ability to influence people to achieve organizational goals..

ATTRIBUTES OF LEADERSHIP Be: What you are- Beliefs, morals and character Know : what you know- Skills, Tasks and human nature Do : what you do- Behaviour, direction and motivation Leadership is from being to doing

Approaches to LeadershipTraits Approach.Behavioural Approach.Contingency Approach.Situational Approach.Transactional Leadership.Transformational approach.

Leadership Styles

Efficient v/s effective leadership

Leadership Failures

Character - 80% + knowledge - 20%

90% of leadership failures are character failures

LEADERS v/s MANAGERS LeadersThey are original.Their focus is on development.Asks what and whyDoes the wright things.

ManagersThey copies the idea.The tend to maintain.Asks how and whenDoes things wright.