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  • How Addicted To Nicotine Are YouBelow I have included a test, called the Fagerstrom test of nicotine dependency,which helps you find out how dependent on nicotine you are. If you score very low you are unlikely to need nicotine replacement therapy to stop smoking, if onthe other hand your score is high it might be a smart move for you to use nicotine patches or gums to get through the first few weeks of quitting. Grab a scrap of paper and a pen and write down your score so we can add it up at the end.

    Question 1 - How soon after you wake up do you have your first cigarette?

    A - First 5 minutes = 3 points

    B - 6 to 30 minutes = 2 points

    C - 31 to 60 minutes = 1 point

    D - Anytime after 60 minutes = 0 points

    Question 2 - Do you find it hard to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden?

    A - Yes = 1 point

    B - No = 0 points

    Question 3 - Which cigarette would you find the hardest to give up?

    A - The first one of the day = 1 point

    B - All the others = 0 points

    Question 4 - How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

    A - 10 or less = 0 points

    B - 11 to 20 = 1 point

    C - 21 to 30 = 2 points

    D - 31 or more = 3 points

    Question 5 - Do you smoke more in the first few hours of waking than you do during the rest of the day?

    A - Yes = 1 point

    B - No = 0 points

    Question 6 - Do you still smoke even when you are unwell? In bed with the flu for example.

    A - Yes = 1 point

    B - No = 0 points

    Now lets add up your score

    7 to 10 points = highly dependent on nicotine

    4 to 6 points = moderately dependent on nicotine

    Less than 4 points = low dependance on nicotine

    So there you have it, this should give you a good indication of how addicted to

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  • How Addicted To Nicotine Are Younicotine you are, and if you scored highly nicotine replacement therapy might bea good option to get you through the first week or two of quitting - you can quit without it if you scored highly, but it will be more challenging mentally and physically. Thanks for reading.

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