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  • Housing Older Canadians

    Riding the Wave of ChangeSeptember 30, 2015

  • Demographics

    Population Growth for Youth, Working Age and Seniors, 2006 and 2011, and Forecast 2031

  • Housing Need

    From local research:Seniors represent 18% of all householdsMonthly shelter costs for seniors have increased 46% from 2001 - 2011 ($527 - $769)21.4% of seniors households paying 30% or more of their income for housing (44.9% of senior renters) Seniors are 22% of Community Housing waitlistSeniors wait on average two+ years for placement (lowest wait times)

  • Affordability

  • Housing Services

    Service Manager for Housing (and Homelessness)Oversight and funding for Community Housing Providers (Non-Profits and Co-ops)Wait list managementShort and Long term planning

    Affordable Housing Strategy 2014-201910-year Housing & Homelessness Plan 2014-2024

    Responsible for administering Regionally-owned Community Housing (Waterloo Region Housing)

  • Community Housing for Seniors

    Waterloo Region Housing19 building sites designated for seniors.Of the 2722 housing units, 40 per cent (1076 units) are designated for

    seniors, with mostly rent-geared-to-income (RGI) & 20 market.

    Non-Profit & Co-operative Housing Providers868 units designated for seniors (market & RGI)373 RGI units

    Affordable Housing Strategy Developments195 units designated for seniors, with below average market rents


    Housing Assistance Programs29 Rent Supplement units in senior designated buildings

    * Seniors are defined as 60+

  • Sunnyside Seniors' Apartments

    An affordable housing development for seniors in Waterloo Region:

    Approximately 32 units (one and two-bedroom apartments)

    The building is accessible (elevators), four apartments are specifically modified for wheelchairs.

    Approximately 12 tenants receive a rent-geared-to-income subsidy

    Up to 15 units are rented with priority to individuals whose spouse is a Sunnyside Home resident or to individuals who are caregivers to a family member residing in Sunnyside Home

  • 10-Year Housing & Homelessness Plan (2014-2024)

    5 Themes:Housing affordabilitySupports to obtain and retain housingRange of housingEffectiveness of housing systemRetaining and maintaining housing stock

  • Affordable Housing Strategy2014-2019

    Newgoalis"toaddressthehousingneedsofatleast700 lowtomoderateincomehouseholds"

  • Affordable Housing Strategy2014-2019



  • as of Dec. 2013

    New Supply


    Rent Supplement TOTAL

    TOTAL 1,409 310 343 2,062

    Affordable Housing Strategy2001-2013

  • Questions

    Do we have enough affordable housing for seniors in the desired form and location?

    What is the need and desired form for affordable housing for seniors in the future?

    How do we create new units of affordable housing with shrinking funding from senior levels of governments in order to meet the need for all, including seniors?

  • Thanks!

    Deb SchlichterDirector, Housing Services

    Region of Waterloo519-883-2190