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  1. 1. Blogwww.houseboats-kerala.orgKeywords: Houseboats Kerala, Alleppey HouseboatsHouseboat Tours in Kerala India Memorable Experience of LifetimeKerala the land of sheer wonderment is amazingly beautiful and so it offer tourists to enjoymemorable vacation being in this beautiful evergreen state of India. It has so manyenigmatic attractions but the spell binding charm and splendor of the houseboats and thebackwaters truly make Kerala a wonderful holiday destination.Kerala the state located in the South Western part of India is amazingly beautiful but thespell binding splendor of the enigmatic backwaters and the houseboat truly make Kerala aunique among all. So if you want to make your India visit truly remarkable, backwater tourson a traditional houseboat also dubbed as the Queen of the Backwater is must, infact youcannot escape to explore the glory and charm of Kerala backwaters.Some of the prominent backwater destinations where tourists can enjoy delightful andmemorable houseboat tours on Kerala visit are listed below:Kumarakom BackwaterKumarakom is amazingly beautiful and is one of the favored spot of backwater cruise inKerala. Situated on the bank of the picturesque Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a scenicvillage mostly famous for its enigmatic beauty and splendor. So if you really want explorethe real splendor and charm of Kumarakom Backwater, plan you tour with one of the leadingtour operator in a delightful and memorable way.Alleppey Backwater ToursAlleppey lovingly called Venice of the East is also a popular backwater destination and isvisited by good number of tourists from across the nook and corner of the world. Its serenesurrounding endowed with enchanting evergreen charm and splendor truly makes Alleppeyhouseboats cruise truly memorable and delightful. Alleppey is also worth to visit andexplore and so offer tourists to enjoy memorable vacations in a delightful and memorableway.Kuttanad Backwater ToursKuttanad is one of the few places in the world where farming is done below the sea level. Itis also the prominent place for backwater cruise in Kerala India. The low lying areas of thescintillating Kuttanad and the pristine water of the backwater truly make Kuttanad a lovelyplace to visit once in a lifetime. Come and enjoy the backwater cruise over the scintillatingbackwaters and take back home lots memorable memories to relish in for a long time to go.Cochin Backwater ToursCochin in Kerala is one of the prominent backwater destinations. It is amazingly beautifulgifted with the tranquility and splendor of the nature, magnetizing charm and splendor of thebackwater and on top historical attractions. But Cochin backwater has its own charm and
  2. 2. splendor and offer tourist wonderful experince as it is the starting and ending point for mostof the Kerala backwater tours.Beside all Kollam Backwater, Kasargod Backwater, Thiruvallam Backwater and theTrivandrum Backwater destinations are also worth to visit and explore. Infact all thebackwater destinations of Kerala have their own charm and splendor and offer tourists toenjoy memorable vacations in a delightful and memorable way. So what are you waiting for?Book one from the many Kerala houseboat packages from the leading tour operator andenjoy holidays over the houseboats Kerala cruising over the scenic houseboats in adelightful and memorable way.