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Science fiction film 1940:

House Of Frankenstein

PromotionIMDb rates house of frankenstein as a 6.2/10.House of frankenstein is apart of the frankenstein series which was very popular. Frankenstein films were seen to change film, they created a new love for horror and science fiction fantasy. The frankenstein films also created a theory: just because we can, does it mean we will.Frankenstein films were highly popular amongst several people as they were mixtures of genres, creating a wider audience. Being a continuation of other frankenstein films house of frankenstein hit the box office!Even in the 1940s the house of frankenstein had merchandise such as a key chain.

Codes & Conventions/RepresentationWhy is House Of Frankenstein considered a science fiction film?It has a number of codes such as mad doctors, monsters and the non human things which convey science fiction. The film suggests things which were/are not yet happening for example brain transplants it is futuristic and therefore science fiction.The What If QuestionNature vs Nurture: Frankenstein films follow the nature vs nurture debate. Can you teach something/someone to be evil or are they born that way. If someone isn't nurtured then what happens to them.Negative or positive responses?Negative, you need to be nurtured to learn right from wrong.

The day the earth stood stillThe film wasn't actually the most thrilling however it was least around the midst of an Anti-Communist in Hollywood, the film used a science-fiction story to comment on the madness of a nuclear arms race that guaranteed the destruction of humanity. Which was controversial and caused quite a stir.IMDb rating: 7.8/10The film is very well known as its still around now, merchandise is still selling and remakes have been made.

Codes and Conventions/RepresentationThe day the earth stood still is a science fiction as its about a alien landing on earth which is a futuristic belief. The film is dealing with creating a peaceful society. As the alien lands it tells people that they must live in peace otherwise they will be destroyed as they are a threat to other planets. This is telling the people fighting at the time the film was made (the cold war) that they are affecting themselves and the planet so they must stop. The day the earth stood still is scene as a liberal message.

The day the earth stood still is very reflective on the time it was set. Mostly through costume, in the 1950s people were feeling strong elements of conservatism and anticommunist. People were dressing in a very conservative manner. Men in particular would wear grey suits whilst women wore dresses with heels.In the film this was shown through the costumes of the characters.