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<ul><li><p>Microsoft Outlook improved Hotmail Sign in and login simple quick and safe </p><p> suffer the biggest upgrade this year. The image above is a demonstration of what </p><p>will be the new version of Hotmail. As you have seen the inbox has a modern and clean style, </p><p>which allows you to find everything you need. The main difference besides the observe design </p><p>in the upper right corner of your Hotmail account. In this sector a new toolbar with five </p><p>different options you have available. The first symbol of the toolbar corresponds to Skype. This </p><p>means you now have integrated into hotmail login to Skype, which until now could only be </p><p>done by installing a plugin. In other words, Outlook will officially integrated Skype as one of the </p><p>features it will offer. Beside the symbol of Skype remain the classic button gear, which allows </p><p>access to the settings of your account. To the right sprocket you have a question mark, </p><p>something that was not available so far. This symbol will take you to the Help Center Outlook, </p><p>that is, you can access different tutorials without leaving your sign in account. </p><p>The fourth symbol of this toolbar is the menu of emoticons. Here you can easily access the </p><p>emoticon you want to insert when sending an email. The fifth and last symbol of this toolbar </p><p>will miniature photo in your profile. It lets you change your name and color of your account </p><p>and more. Improvements beyond tools bar named in the preceding paragraph. As for the inbox </p><p>the same will be much smarter, which organized according to your interest mails that contain </p><p>it. This feature was officially named Clutter. Moreover, hotmail sign in will include for the first </p><p>time in its history, a prediction engine search. The same autocomplete when we want to find </p><p>an email, contact, etc. But this does not end here, since this engine will have intelligence to </p><p>improve their predictions according to your activities within the account. Outlook received a </p><p>wave of criticism by the inability to customize our inbox. To date only date we could change </p><p>the color of our own. But the new version of Outlook include thirteen templates for you to </p><p>choose the one you prefer. Also a preview system links added. The same work when you put </p><p>the mouse over a hyperlink. When this happens Outlook on screen will show a small preview </p><p>of the referenced page. The improvements also reached onedrive with your system 'drag and </p><p>drop' (drag and drop), viewed in parallel and increased the amount of available extensions. As </p><p>you have seen it is not a simple update. Outlook was reinvented to be at the forefront of email </p><p>platforms. </p><p></p></li></ul>