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1. Title:Hotel & Motel Insurance Online QuotesSummary:Hotel insurance is generally a combination of several basic insurance policies,including a contents policy, business interruption policy, and both public andemployers liability policies.Content:Hotel chains have reputations attached to them based on the name of theparticular franchise. To qualify to use the name of a particular hotel chainname as a franchise, the hotel company expects certain standards to bemaintained to preserve the integrity of the brand name. These reputationspermeate the public consciousness as well. Comprehensive hotel insurancecan help protect hotels from unexpected events involving the hotel, itsemployees, and its patrons and their property.Hotel insurance is generally a combination of several basic insurancepolicies, including a contents policy, business interruption policy, and bothpublic and employers liability policies. A comprehensive hotel insurancepolicy saves hotel owners the need to shop around for multiple policies andpossibly pay multiple providers multiple premiums that will almost certainlycost more than a bulk hotel insurance policy.These different coverages are important to make hotel insurance a completepolicy. Contents insurance protects the contents within the hotel from loss ordamage. With hotels pushing more and better features to attract guests, 2. contents coverage protects anything from the new flat screen TVs in therooms to the towels and the sheets that sometimes disappear after a guestchecks out. Guests property coverage also covers the possessions of guestsstaying on the property from loss or damage, ensuring the hotel is not on theline for paying for replacements. In addition, franchised hotels are required tohold excess liability insurance.Business interruption insurance protects the hotel in case of lost business dueto loss of facilities from an accident. It covers the loss of profits while theproperty is being repaired due to insured events like a fire, flood, or othercatastrophe. Liability for both the public and employers covers accidentalinjury while on the hotel property. Public liability protects the hotel and itsowners from accidental injury claims from a third party, while employersliability protects the hotel from employee injuries while on the hotel property.Hotel insurance also frequently covers other legal expenses such as the costof barristers and witnesses and opponents costs if the case is judged in theirfavor.Other hotel insurance policy options include theft by employee coverage,customer inconvenience remuneration expenses, delivery and service errorsand omissions, and lost key coverage.Most business insurance providers have hotel insurance policies availablethat cover many situations and business insurance quotes are availablefrom any insurance agency that represents that insurance provider.Sorting through all the options and varieties of hotel insurance can require afair amount of time and research. An independent insurance agency can helpguide the way through all the fine print and take the time to craft a policy thatexceeds expectations. 3. About Board Walk Insurance: Boardwalk Insurance Group is licensed towrite hotel insurance policies in over half the United States and has manyother insurance solutions available through its affiliated insurance providers.For More Details visit https://www.boardwalkinsurance.comResource Box:Boardwalk Insurance Group is a rapidly growing Independent Insurance Agency system in theUnited States. Learn More at BusinessInsurance QuotesKeywords:Business Insurance Quotes, Hotel Insurance, Motel Insurance, Commercial General Liability


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