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Ideal Software for Ophthalmology


IT in Indian HealthcareIndian healthcare is witnessing a metamorphosis, with the onset of newer, better IT applications as well as a broadening focus and increased investment in technology by hospitals. ERP has been the ultimate solution to many sectors and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals require more connectivity because the information to be passed is vital and will not serve the purpose if it does not reach in time. Unlike other business wherein the loss could be measured only in monetary terms the loss in this sector is in terms of human lives. US-based research firm Data monitor estimates Indian healthcare IT market to be the fastest growing in Asia, with around 22% annual growth. It also estimates that IT spent on healthcare will reach $315 million (Rs.1,260 crore) by 2011 and the current IT spending estimates are below $8,000 (Rs 3.2 lakh) per hospital in India.


Infosoft Healthcare ManagerInfosoft Healthcare Manager is an easy-to-use and implement ERP system for the healthcare sector with high level of customization. It has user-friendly, menu-driven user interface for end to end healthcare center management. It is a comprehensive package for the healthcare domain covering various aspects.


Key Modules

Key Modules

#Main ModuleSub-modules1Appointment Scheduling2Patient Registration3Separate logins for:A.R.OptometristDoctorCounselorFitness for surgerySurgery/ O.T. Management4AR: AR WorkupUn-dilatedDilatedSyringingInterventionRFSiteTimeConsistencyDiagnosis

Ophthalmology Modules

#Main ModuleSub-modules5A-ScanReadingsK1K2K1 AxisK2 AxisALPCACACDWWIOL CalculationsEmmetropiaAmmetropiaDes. Ref.FormulaModelA ConstantPowerTarget

Ophthalmology Modules

#Main ModuleSub-modules6IOP ReadingLERE(Time, weight reading, value & remarks)Optometrist (History)ComplaintsPrevious SurgeryOcular HistoryFamily HistoryAllergySystematic DiseaseCurrent Ocular medicationPaint brush facility to put mark on eyesOptometrist (Readings)Distance & Near Vision (Unaided/ with glass/ with pinhole)Pre & Post VisionKeratometrySyringingOptometrist (Test WDT, Die-Urinal)WDT test timeValue for RE/LE Die-urinal variations test

Ophthalmology Modules

#Main ModuleSub-modulesHBSpeedExamColourOptometrist (Test WDT, Die-Urinal)WDT test timeValue for RE/LE Die-urinal variations testHBSpeedExamColorOptometrist (Squint)In Squint ExtropiaIn Squint EstropiaHyper & Hypo TropiaParalysis FixesOptometrist (Contact lens)Readings Optometrist (Low-vision)Present Distance correction RE/LENear vision aid

Ophthalmology Modules

#Main ModuleSub-modules7DoctorEye Examination (Ocular movement)Final Diagnosis Procedure advised Detailed Eye ExaminationsLidAdnexaConjunctiveCorneaAnt. ChamberScleraIrisPupilLensVitreousRetinaFundus

Ophthalmology Modules

Ward ManagementScreen to show the ward (General, Private and Semi-private) occupancy status based on category as well as floorFacility to feed details of wards and beds on each of the floor in the master tablePrescription ManagementDiagnosis based on complaints and history.Investigations, if requiredMultiple visits recordVaccination scheduleMIS ReportingRegistration feesBill collectionDoctors prescriptionComplaints reportsSurgery reportsIPD Registration detailsAdvance Payment receiptsIn-house pharmacy inventoryWard Management reportsOperation Theatre reports

Equipment/Machine IntegrationPhacoemulsification


Fundus Photography

Spectral Domain OCT


Retinovitreal Surgery

Green LaserAutorefractometryYAG Laser

Why to use Infosoft HIS Ophthalmology Management System?Maintains essential recordsSound look and feel24x7 post-implementation supportInstallation Guide and User ManualProvides value for moneyEasy-to-use for doctorsFully menu-driven, requires less typingPrescriptions in Hindi/Regional Languages fontsFacilitates timely service and better care for patientsEasy access to patient's clinical data for doctorsFirst HIS to be integrated with Electronic Prescription Pad (EPP)

Appointments Manager


Appointments Scheduling


Patients Scheduling


Infosoft HIS Platform


Invoice Management


Operation Theatre Management


Pre & Post Operative Management


Inventory Management (Group Master)


Inventory Control Report


Accounts Management


Accounts Master


Purchase Return Master


Company Master


User Management


Auto refractor readings

Auto refractor readings

Auto refraction summary

Optometrist file

Optometrist file

Eye examination details

Operation theatre booking

OpD details

Surgical management

Machines/Equipments Integration

Note: Equipment supporting PACS / DICOM can be integrated HSS Software

Electronic Prescription Pad (EPP)

What is HSS EPP? Electronic Prescription Pad (EPP) is an electronic gadget / device that digitally captures and stores the prescriptions and diagnosis you write in your own handwriting on ordinary paper. You actually write with a pen on paper. These prescriptions can be transferred to HSS Software through a specially coded embedded software bridge program.

First time in IndiaConnection with computer not required while you write the prescriptionsYour hand written prescription is directly given to patient, while it is saved Built in memory Expandable memory Can have 100+ letter pads Has its own battery for the pad as well as the penEasy to carryLooks very stylish and comes with a carry bagCan carry it to OT / ICU / Laboratory etc.

Electronic Prescription Pad Advantages

Write the prescription in your own handwritingWrite the prescription on your own letter padPrescription that you write is saved for later useWorks even when electricity is not thereWorks in case of computer systems network failureVery stylish and elegant lookingVery slim, easy to carryAvailable with carry case is Indias First Online Store providing IT Solutions to hospitals Super and Multi-specialty, Eye Hospitals, IVF Centres, doctors clinics of various specialties and pathology labs & diagnostic centres,. TeleMedicine, TelePathology & TeleRadiology are latest additions to the portfolio. HSS provides the widest range of software for the healthcare vertical.

HSS has been listed amongst Indias 20 Most Promising Healthcare Software Companies by CIO Review Magazine.

HSS HIGHLIGHTS:Maximum of product variants availableAnnuity based revenue modelCloud and Web-based Variants available

CLIENTELE: HSS has catered to several hospitals, eye hospitals, IVF centers, clinics and diagnostic labs. Operates across the length and breadth of India. Reseller Network of over 200+ ExpertsAlso catering to the African Markets. Getting strong inquiries from Europe & GCC, planning to enter these markets

Hospital Software ShopMobile: +91-88893-08880 | 98270-34860E-Mail: info@hospitalsoftwareshop.comWebsite: www.hospitalsoftwareshop.comCo-ordinates:: Our Locations :: Bangalore Indore Mumbai Nagpur Hyderabad New Delhi Lucknow Raipur


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