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  • Horses Facts and picturesby Grace Driver

  • ClydesdalesCare know for there size.Clydesdales are over 18 hands.Also they are have very big hooves(feet).They have a lot of hair.

  • Palominos Palominos are one of the prettiest horses.They come from ancient Europe and Asia.From there they finally arrived in the United StatesPalominos are NOT a breed but they are a type of color.

  • Arabian HorsesThey have very large eyes.The breed is over 5,000 years old.The first imported to the United States was in 1725.Most common color is bay.

  • AppaloosaSpanish breed.They come from North America.Live from 20-30 years of age.More than 450,000 pure Appaloosas are registered.

  • Shetland They are know for there tiny sizes.They are 10.2 hands tall.Are loved by many children.The Shetland Pony originated in the Shetland Isles, located northeast of mainland Scotland.

  • Welsh Mountain

    They are used for farming and timbering.They were also used in coal mines in Great Britain.They came to America in late 1800s.They are 12.2 hands tall.

  • MustangsNative Americans used them for hunting, fighting, and transportation.They came from North America.Today used in rodeos and races.Come in wide verity of colors.

  • American SaddlebredThey are 15 to 17 hands tall.The most common color is chestnut and bay.come from Eastern and southern North America.Live from 20-30 years of age.

  • Paso FinoCome from Purto Rico.They are very smooth to ride.Worked manly in English and Western riding.